Quincy Air Compressor Surplus

Nov 9, 16 • Air Compressors, NewsComments Off on Quincy Air Compressor Surplus

As a distributor of Quincy air compressors and parts, from time to time we accumulate surplus items, such as flywheels.

We have 2 Quincy air compressor flywheels for $450 each. These are NEW TAKE-OFFs. Part number 110523 is a 19.5″ flywheel that has 4 belt grooves and will fit 350 and 270 compressors.



4-groove Flywheel


Additionally, we have one 3-groove Quincy air compressor flywheel for $450. The part number is 5836 with a casting number of 3302Y. This 19.5” 3-belt flywheel is a NEW TAKE-OFF and fits 270 and 350 Quincy compressors.

Casting number 3302Y


Casting number 5836


3 groove flywheel pulley


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