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How To Maintain an Industrial Gearbox

Mar 14, 17 • Industrial Mechanical PartsComments Off on How To Maintain an Industrial Gearbox
Gearboxes are an essential part of so many pieces of machinery. If you want to keep your gearbox functioning at its optimal performance, then regular maintenance should be done. The best way to maintain your gearbox is to check it regularly to determine potential failures and fix them before they happen. This will keep you from those surprise breakdowns at the most inconvenient times.

To keep your gearbox functioning at it best and for a longer time, here are some key maintenance tips to consider.

Keep Your Gearbox Lubricated At All Times

All machinery producing friction and heat require lubrication. Ensuring your gearbox is well lubricated reduces the chances of wear and tear, therefore, increasing its operation life. Ensure you regularly check to ensure that the oil levels of your gearbox all high as required at all times.

In case the oil level is low, refill it. Always stick to the recommended lubricant from the manufacturer. When the gearbox goes for long periods without an oil change, next time before you refill the oil, drain the old one. The old oil may be dirty, and this causes the gearbox to not function properly.

Check whether there are any leakages. Maybe the reason your gearbox is always low on oil is that it is leaking. Fix all the leaking points and refill the oil with the required amount. You can run tests to determine whether your gearbox has oil problems. This is usually evident when the teeth of the gear are starting to wear off quickly. Ensure that your industrial gearbox parts are lubricated at all times.

Always Keep Your Gearbox Clean

Gears have breathers. Ensure these breathers are strategically placed to avoid dirt from getting into the gearbox. Things such as dirt, water, and other debris that enter the gearbox can damage it. Most of the time the gearbox is used in areas where getting dirty is unavoidable. It is your job to prevent your gearbox from getting dirty. Try to always keep your workplace free from dirt and debris.

Protect the breathers as much as possible. The best way to maintain it is to avoid debris getting in. Have filters installed to keep dirt out of your gearbox. In case dirt, water or debris enters your gear, make sure you clean it properly. A dirty gearbox cannot perform perfectly. Dirt also damages the oil causing more problems to your machine.

Ensure Proper Cooling Of Your Gearbox

Obviously, the machine produces a lot of heat as it operates. Without proper cooling, this can be harmful. The major cause of overheating is not lubricating the machine properly. Using the wrong lubricant can also be the cause.

Examine your machine to see signs of overheating. Determine whether the oil you are using is properly lubricating your industrial gearbox parts. Using the wrong oil cannot prevent friction properly. This may be the cause of the excess heat. Find oil of good quality that is recommended for the type of gearbox you have.

Keep An Eye On Gear Teeth For Damage

The main reason some gears break is due to being used for a harder task than they were made for. Avoid putting your gearbox under too much pressure. Buy a gear that matches the amount of work you want to be performed.

In case you note some teeth that are broken or looking weak, fix them immediately. A gearbox breaks down slowly. You may never notice until one day it cracks open and everything falls apart. That is why it is important to fix those small teeth that are broken before they cause more damages.

Analyze The vibrations of your gearbox

One of the most effective industrial gearbox maintenance task to perform is to check its vibrations. Switch on your gearbox in a place where there is no noise and monitor how it vibrates.

By doing so, you can see its movements. You can tell what the damages are by the way it vibrates by itself. Having a professional around, he can determine whether the cause of the machine fault is an imbalance, general looseness or wear, bearing defects, misalignment, gear defects or some other unforeseen problem.

A damaged gearbox also makes some weird noises which you can tell are not normal. If the gear teeth are damaged, you can see a notable change in its movement or misalignment of the gears. Conduct this test regularly and record the results to compare them in the future. If you note any changes, then your gearbox might be damaged. Fix the problems before they grow.

Have a general Industrial Gearbox Maintenance program

It is always important to set aside some time to do general maintenance for your gearbox. Don’t always wait until you see a problem. A maintenance program requires you to hire professionals to evaluate your machine after a specific time.

Without a qualified technician, you may not be able to interpret the data from your machine properly. Every organization using gearboxes need to have qualified professionals to do the job.

Hire professionals versed in gearbox failure causes. The maintenance program should consist of vibration tests, oil checks, to ensure the machine is working at its best. Troubleshooting is the major task conducted by these professionals during this program. They should come up with a fully documented report on the health of your gearbox and offer tips to keep your machine operating properly.

The documented report is used for future purposes. Future preventive maintenance measure use information from the previous evaluation. Using the information you can prevent future problems that may occur. This program may be costly and time-consuming, but it is worth it. Your machines will never break down unexpectedly. If they do break, the contractor should fix them for free depending on the warranty they gave you.

The most important thing to do is to always keep an eye on strange activities on your gearbox. Strange noises, oil leaks, unusual vibrations are a sign that your gearbox may need repair. Maintenance is cheaper that repair.

Featured Product Line for August 2014 – Rudomatic inc.

Aug 20, 14 • Industrial Mechanical Parts, New Inventory Arrivals, NewsComments Off on Featured Product Line for August 2014 – Rudomatic inc.

Rudomatic Inc.rUDOMATIC INC.

Originator and the world’s leading manufacturer of coil spring automatic taglines and magnet reels.


The Rud-O-Matic Tagline holds a clamshell bucket steady regardless of the boom angle while the bucket and its load is suspended in the air. Operation is completely automatic after installation. Bell Guide fairlead requires no sheaves, pins or lubrication.

The Rud-O-Matic Tagline operates on a coil spring system that maintains constant, positive tension on a clamshell bucket or other types of crane loads.  The unit mounts on a crane boom and consists essentially of a cable reel, cable wire, spring-loaded cylinders, and a bell fairlead.

The Rud-O-Matic is offered in Single Barrel Tagline, Double Barrel Tagline, Triple Barrel Tagline and Four Barrel Taglines. Additional available options are Single, Double, or Triple Combination Magnet Reel s, Four Collector Ring Magnet Reel for high volt-low amp applications and finally the Combination Hydraulic Hose Reel and Tagline.

Please contact us and we will help you with your tagline load steadying needs.


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Marine Clutches

Mar 21, 14 • Air Clutches, Clutches, Industrial Mechanical Parts, New Inventory ArrivalsComments Off on Marine Clutches

Oil States CM or VC style marine clutch

If you are working on one of the following types of boats:

Work, Crew, Ferry, Dredge, Fishing or Tugs

Chances are you will be in need of an Oil States CM or VC style marine clutch or drum that K&L now offers. Oil States CM clutch technology is the preferred choice for the marine industry and K&L now offers all five sizes 26″, 30″, 35″, 40″ and 48″.

The CM is a ventilated version of the CB clutch, providing greater heat dissipation through the ventilated friction shoe assembly. The CM design permits slippage during vessel maneuvering and cycling engagement.

DON’T THROW THOSE OLD RIMS AWAY!! Ask about the reman program for all sizes that can save you up to 35%, which carry the same warranty as new.

Replaceable Components for CM Clutches from K&L Clutch

CM Marine Clutches and Brakes Dimensions

CM Marine Clutches and Brakes from K&L Clutch

Please contact K&L Clutch and Transmission for all of your marine equipment and product needs.

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Heavy Machinery

Jul 10, 13 • Industrial Mechanical Parts, News, TransmissionComments Off on 5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery clutch and transmission partsThere are many advantages to using heavy machinery. In the modern world, we are coming to depend more and more on things like heavy duty transmissions and other industrial machinery. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why so many people appreciate this type of technology.

1. Greater Productivity

There is no question that industrial machinery makes many tasks faster and more efficient. The same job that might take days or several people to accomplish can be done in hours or even minutes using the right equipment. Whether they are being used for business or leisure activities, this type of machinery allows you to be far more productive in many ways.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Because they allow you to accomplish so much more in less time, these devices save you money. There is the initial cost of purchasing them and then they must be properly maintained, however, with the right care, they save money in terms of time and labor costs. This helps businesses earn higher profits.


Operating heavy machinery is far less taxing on the human body than using other types of tools. Aside from the economic benefits, people with access to this type of machinery don’t have to work as hard physically. This translates into shorter workdays and more leisure time.

4. The ability to accomplish the amazing

One of the reasons we all love heavy duty machines is that they embody the potential to accomplish amazing feats of construction, excavation and demolition that have never before been possible. Manpower has been used to accomplish great feats, including the construction of the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China, but modern technology allows massive undertakings in rapid time.

5. They’re just so cool!

Many people appreciate this type of machinery simply for its power and aesthetic qualities, in addition to the many practical benefits it can add to your life. This is why many people enjoy trade shows that feature such equipment or browsing through magazines, product catalogs or websites that feature it.

The above are some of the top reasons why heavy machinery is so widely admired. It can be advantageous to everyone, from workers to business owners. If you are looking for repair work, or new clutch or transmission parts for your heavy machinery, look no further!

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K & L Becomes the “Full Line Distributor” for WPT in North Texas Area

Feb 1, 13 • Brakes, Clutches, Industrial Mechanical Parts, New Inventory Arrivals, Power Take OffsComments Off on K & L Becomes the “Full Line Distributor” for WPT in North Texas Area

To complement our WPT Mechanical line of power products, K & L Clutch is pleased to announce their appointment as the “Full Line Distributor” in North Texas for WPT Power Products. Effective 2/1/13 we will handle the complete line of outstanding products that WPT offers. This includes Type 1 andWPT mecanical power take off image Type 2 Pneumatic and Hydraulic PTOs, Power Grip and PO Clutches, Water Cooled Brakes, Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes, Pump drives, and Caliper Brakes. With this appointment, K & L Clutch becomes the only certified service center for WPT Power Products in the North Central Texas area. If your unit is in need of repair, we can do it.

We are ready to service you now. Please call any of our experienced sales associates and ask more about the “Full Line” of WPT products we can serve you with.

Contact us for more information. We’ll get your project back up and running in no time.

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Boom Crane Parts, Anatomy and Origin

Nov 27, 12 • Cranes, Industrial Mechanical PartsComments Off on Boom Crane Parts, Anatomy and Origin

Back in August of 2009 we released a post digging into the science of cranes, their components and how everything works together. We decided it was time for an update, but you can still see the former boom crane post here:

The Parts of A Crane

A quick look at crane terminology.

  • Crane Parts and Anatomy - K&L Clutch and TransmissionThe Boom: The boom of a crane is the long, telescopic, or fixed, arm that is used to move objects.
  • The Counterweights: The counterweights are stabilizers placed near the cab’s exterior that prevent the crane from becoming unbalanced when lifting heavy loads.
  • The Jib: The jib is the lattice-like structure that gives the boom the freedom to extend.
  • The Rotex Gear: The Rotex gear affords the crane the ability to rotate its apparatus, thereby better enabling it to do its job from awkward standpoints. Hook rollers are also used in some crane applications.

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Three Things to Know About Hydraulic Torque Converters

Jun 13, 12 • Industrial Mechanical Parts, Torque ConvertersComments Off on Three Things to Know About Hydraulic Torque Converters

Here at K&L Clutch & Transmission, we make it our business to supply you with the highest-quality torque converters for industrial machinery, including Allison torque converters, Twin Disc torque converters and Clark torque converters. But it’s also our mission to supply information and understanding about our products to better help them choose which converters best fit their needs.

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Allison Torque Converter Parts and Service Manuals

Here at K&L Clutch & Transmission, we pride ourselves deeply on the unmatched level of clutch and transmission service and maintenance we provide. Our industry-leading technicians and engineers are constantly pioneering new, better ways to improve part repair and replacement turnaround time in order to better help our customers keep their projects up and running.

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America’s Energy Boom, By the Numbers

Apr 24, 12 • Industrial Mechanical Parts, Industrial Product ServiceComments Off on America’s Energy Boom, By the Numbers

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it — the United States is undergoing an enormous energy boom.

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America as a Net Energy Exporter? We’ll Help You Be Ready

Industrial Parts and Transmission Components for Energy ExportersThe United States consumes more energy than any other country on the planet. So the U.S. Department of Energy announcement that the U.S. actually exported more fuel in 2011 than it imported was striking — and very, very welcome.

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