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This Industrial PTO is a single plate SAE 7.5” HE clutch, with a SAE #5 bell housing.
The internal clutch pack assembly number is 4-15823.
This Rockford Powertrain Original model has a bronze release collar & sleeve assembly.
The clutch body measures 7.5″ in diameter.
The organic gear tooth facing (friction plate) has 47 teeth, 8.08″OD, 4.5” ID and 0.438” thick. It also is segmented into 3 pieces for easy replacement in the field.Rockford Powertrain Original model clutch
Included drive ring is 9.5” O.D. and has a bolt circle of 8.75”.
The 304 pilot bearing is 52mm OD is shielded and grease-able.
The SAE #5 bell housing of this single plate 7″ power takeoff has a bolt circle of 13.125″. The length of the housing is 5.56” and the O.D. is 14 inches.
Output shaft diameter is 1.437” by 3.5” long, with a 3/8 keyway.
The overall length from pilot bearing to the end of the output shaft is 11.87″
The torque capacity is 1Industrial PTO single plate SAE 7.5” HE clutch75 lb-ft, with Horse Power ranging from 26HP in a heavy duty application, to 38HP in a normal, up to 48HP in a Light duty application.

7-s 5 hsg   107#5   1-07 #5
PTA #5712   411298AM   04011298
415823AM 04015823 Clutch assembly

Initially built for Waukesha engines, but can be used on rockford style power take off clutch illustrationany industrial engine with a SAE #5 housing and a SAE #7.5 flywheel. #WPT, #NACD, North American Clutch and Driveline, Twin Disc, #Twindisc #Rockford #411298AM  #CX107P501 #C107SP5 #C107P5 WTD-07-150 #WTD07150



SAE Flywheel Housing Dimensions









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