Three Torque Converter Problem Symptoms

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Torque Converter Problems | Detecting and Fixing Broken Torque ConvertersLast month, we talked a bit about some of the common torque converter problems. Despite the excellent capabilities and reliability of the torque converters we provide problems do arise from time to time—especially considering the extraordinary torque converter performance your extraordinary projects require.

This month, lets take a look at a few symptoms that you can spot to detect when something has gone wrong. After all, spot the problems early on, and they’ll be much easier (and cheaper) to fix.

Here are three:

1. No Power from the Converter

You know the feeling—you ask for power, and get very little of it. A problematic torque converter can play a big part in this, because it plays a vital role in converting horsepower to torque. To get proper power from the torque converter, you need to allow enough time for converter pressure to form. If it doesn’t, you won’t get the power you need.

2. Surging and Lagging

If your machine “surges” or “lags” during operation—in other words, if it can’t seem to maintain constant speed, power, or lift—it might be a torque converter problem due to erratic converter fluid pressure or flow.  This could be due to low converter fluid in the day tank and/or air present in the converter fluid circuit.

3. Power Loss due to Clutch Slippage

You’ll notice this when, especially after heavy acceleration, the clutch tends to slip.  It will feel just like the converter is loosing power while all along, the engine is making power, but the master clutch assembly is not transferring power to the torque converter.  A simple clutch adjustment and you can be up and running in no time.  If this condition goes untreated for too long, excessive damage will occur to you master clutch assembly requiring removal and replacement.  The key to saving money is maintaining your equipment and fixing problems quickly before they grow into bigger problems.

At K&L Clutch, we provide only top-of-the-line torque converters from brands like Twin Disc, Allison, Clark, American, Link Belt, and Manitowoc. But in those rare times when problems arise, our unparalleled service department can get you back up in running again in no time — whether from our home in Hurst, Texas, or just about anywhere in the world you need us to be. Take a second from time to time to inspect the torque converter for visible problems like fluid levels, pressures and clutch adjustment to catch potential problems before they exist, but know that we’re here for you when more serious problems arise.

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