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Naional heavy machinesReplacement Parts by National

Since 1841, National Oilwell Varco has been a leader in the oil industry, supplying the world with a plethora of high quality oil related products and services. NOV has long since enjoyed a reputation as a manufacturer of quality products, and in 1949 they founded the National brand as a way to distribute their premium torque converters to the entire machining industry. K&L Clutch is proud to be a supplier of National replacement parts and torque converters.

Torque converters are hydrodynamic fluid couplers designed to transfer rotational energy generated by either an electric motor or a combustion engine into the rotating load, and these devices are crucial for getting optimal efficiency out of any transmission because they cut down on slipping, friction, and essentially any other potential faults that can occur during transmission operation. Since torque converters are primarily used to step up rotational input speed, they are able to prevent many facets that lead to overall loss of efficiency. National parts are designed and built by some of the most seasoned professionals in the field, and their powerful torque converters provide unmatched versatility and strength.

National Quality

The National brand was founded with a single purpose: to provide the world with advanced, top of the line torque converters that were already being manufactured and used by NOV for their oil based businesses. NOV produces their own premium torque converters to ensure the quality of their products and services rest on their own parts, and not a third party supplier. When they made these devices available to the general public, they opened the door for the industry to distribute the best parts on a smaller scale. K&L Clutch offers a full range of torque converters and other National replacement parts for use in an array of industrial applications, including:

  • Drilling Systems
  • Cranes
  • Pump Drives
  • Mining Equipment
  • Draglines
  • And Many More

National parts are ideal for all heavy-duty applications thanks to their durability and seamless stability.

National Selection

K&L Clutch and Transmission focuses first and foremost on the satisfaction of our customers. Our selection of National torque converters will surely hold a product that fits your needs, and our friendly and knowledgable staff will help through each step of the process. They will happily help you find the product or replacement part you need, and installation is included with all purchases, as well as continued service and support after the sale. A brief list of some of the National torque converters available through K&L include:

  • C-195-64
  • C-195-80
  • C-195-100
  • C-195-125
  • C-245-64
  • C-245-80
  • C-245-100
  • C-245-125
  • C-300-64
  • C-300-80
  • C-300-100
  • C-300-125
  • C-345-64
  • C-345-80
  • C-345-100
  • C-345-125

Contact our professional and courteous staff here if you have any questions or would like a full list of National products available through our inventory. Our team will happily guide you through the process of finding your perfect part, and they will help schedule a more comprehensive consultation if you require. K&L Clutch is more than capable of meeting all your industrial machinery needs.