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Featured Product for July 2014

Jul 10, 14 • New Inventory Arrivals, News, Power Take OffsComments Off on Featured Product for July 2014

WPT Power Corporation

Gen II

Type 1 Mechanical

 Tested and ready for delivery!


  • High-quality spherical roller bearings allow for maximum capacity and life
  •  Drop in replacement for Twin Disc or Rockford

    RSZ Gen II WPT

  •  Straddle bearing housing holds up to 17” (430mm) diameter sheave

  •  Bearing housing remains on shaft during belt change to eliminate bearing contamination
  •  Bellhousing designed to accept mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuated clutch
  •  No pilot bearing
  •  Male and female pilot diameters, simplify sheave housing mounting
  •  Lubrication passages are a fundamental part of the design, eliminating hoses


Please contact K & L Clutch & Transmission for all of your WPT Power equipment and product needs.

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Featured Product for June 2014

Jun 20, 14 • New Inventory Arrivals, News, Power Take OffsComments Off on Featured Product for June 2014

Featured Product for June 2014

TC113 spring loaded Twin Disc power take-off

The TC 113 is a relatively new product line for Twin Disc. TC113 is an automotive style spring loaded Twin Disc power take-off. It is 13” and fits a SAE #3 housing. Some of the important features are:


Quality is Standard

• External adjustment of lever engagement travel

• Spring loaded clutch

• Sealed for life pilot bearing

• Ease of adjusting lever travel

• Adjustment not required

• Less Maintenance


Please contact K & L Clutch & Transmission for all of your Twin Disc equipment and product needs.


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When speed is key – Quick Torque Converter Repairs and Replacement

Jun 6, 14 • Industrial Product Service, News, Torque ConvertersComments Off on When speed is key – Quick Torque Converter Repairs and Replacement

Downtime – Public enemy #1!

Rapid turnaround for torque converter repair - KLClutch

Downtime is a problem. No matter what industry you work in, time waiting on a machine to be repaired or replaced is time when your company may not be running at full efficiency. In many industries, particularly industries that rely on massive, expensive machinery, this type of downtime can cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. For some of our clients in the oil industry, downtime expenses can reach in excess of $900/hour!! Many of our customers would be financially crushed by these costs if not for our quick torque converter repairs and replacement services. K&L Clutch is very aware of this fact, and for that reason we make it our top priority to offer a wide selection of parts that we keep in stock at all times, and this is one of the secrets to our rapid turnaround on repair requests or replacement parts. Read Full Article →

Repair or Replace: When to Trade in Your Heavy Machinery

Apr 29, 14 • NewsComments Off on Repair or Replace: When to Trade in Your Heavy Machinery

When is it time to replace your heavy machinery?

The heavy machinery that you use on your work sites or construction jobs gets less reliable as times goes on. This reality should give you pause when you realize how old your machinery is. There are considerations you must make as you choose when to replace heavy machinery.

Consideration #1: New Technology

Your old machines do not have the same advanced technology that newer machines have. The choice you must make is between better technology and older technology. New technology makes your business easier to run. Old technology on your cranes and heavy machinery is familiar, but old technology makes work slower and less efficient. Read Full Article →

An American Oil Boom Challenges the Future

Jan 31, 14 • Industrial Product Service, News, Torque Converters, World NewsComments Off on An American Oil Boom Challenges the Future

U.S. Oil Boom reshapes markets around the world.

The American oil boom has put European refineries out of business, while undercutting West Africa crude suppliers. As well, domestic drilling is challenging producers in the Middle East and South America.

Over the past five years, the U.S. went from depending on fuel from Europe to being an exporter to the region. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Nigeria ships fewer than three supertankers of crude each month, where in the recent past it numbered closer to a dozen. The West Coast will soon cut back on imports of oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, replacing it with cheaper oil from the Rocky Mountains where output has grown by 31 percent since 2011.

With North American exports of gasoline and other refined products hitting a record last month, the U.S. is on pace to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2015. Drilling in the Permian Basin in West Texas and the oil-rich Bakken shale, which stretches from North Dakota into Montana and Canada, has led the boom. Texas, pumping more than Iran, has more than doubled its crude output since 2011, along with North Dakota.

Warning: Industrial challenges ahead

American Oil Boom

Growing North American production will help the United States begin to meet its own energy demands, leading it to cut back on imports that will instead flow to emerging markets. This will inevitably lead to the shifting of the economic and political realities of the World as a whole.

K & L Clutch and Transmission stands to assist in the industrial challenges that are equally inevitable, as new technologies and proven technologies are applied together to meet the challenges that present themselves, both domestically and abroad.


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NEW FOR COWBOYS 2013 SEASON – July 9th 2013

Aug 9, 13 • NewsComments Off on NEW FOR COWBOYS 2013 SEASON – July 9th 2013

Before the 2013 NFL season begins Cowboys Stadium will be starting fresh on some new turf. The NFL has approved the first half of the field. Currently they are laying out the rest of the new turf and should be ready for the Gold Cup Soccer event on the 24th. Seeing the crew work the second half marking the sections, stitching the Velcro, laying out the rubber absorber pellets, laying boards with bricks out to help the carpet lay flat was a very interesting procedure.

New Dallas Cowboys StadiumThe Texas Clutch

Football is now in the clutches of our female fans! That is right; a KDVR reporter tested pro stadium security in Denver… For the second year in a row, she and a colleague were able to sneak in a real pistol (but with a concealed weapons permit) and a fake gun at stadiums. This year they are cracking down on security risks in the NFL and have mandated a bag size be no larger than a clutch. For all you boys out there that means your satchel, “murse”(man purse), hand-bag, coach, luey viton, CK, duney and burke and blah-blah-blah can not be any bigger than 8.5 by 5.5 inches. But if you must carry more than that, you could bring your designer 1 gallon Ziploc, Glad Lock bag or Hefty bag. The NFL has an approved clear 12 by 12 by 6 inch bag that is for sale, making it the largest way to bring in your stuff. Many season tickets holders and suite owners will be receiving these. Notice, if you try to enter the Cowboys Stadium with anything other than a Cowboys or NFL bag you will not be let in… without possibly being teased about it, fans can be so competitive. On top of that,  no more camera bags, backpacks, coolers, fanny packs, binocular cases or Mary Poppins bags. Cowboys Stadium will continue to prohibit food, drinks, drugs, weapons, umbrellas, noise makers, laser pointers and opponents touchdowns from entering. Enjoy the Game!

5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Heavy Machinery

Jul 10, 13 • Industrial Mechanical Parts, News, TransmissionComments Off on 5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery clutch and transmission partsThere are many advantages to using heavy machinery. In the modern world, we are coming to depend more and more on things like heavy duty transmissions and other industrial machinery. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why so many people appreciate this type of technology.

1. Greater Productivity

There is no question that industrial machinery makes many tasks faster and more efficient. The same job that might take days or several people to accomplish can be done in hours or even minutes using the right equipment. Whether they are being used for business or leisure activities, this type of machinery allows you to be far more productive in many ways.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Because they allow you to accomplish so much more in less time, these devices save you money. There is the initial cost of purchasing them and then they must be properly maintained, however, with the right care, they save money in terms of time and labor costs. This helps businesses earn higher profits.


Operating heavy machinery is far less taxing on the human body than using other types of tools. Aside from the economic benefits, people with access to this type of machinery don’t have to work as hard physically. This translates into shorter workdays and more leisure time.

4. The ability to accomplish the amazing

One of the reasons we all love heavy duty machines is that they embody the potential to accomplish amazing feats of construction, excavation and demolition that have never before been possible. Manpower has been used to accomplish great feats, including the construction of the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China, but modern technology allows massive undertakings in rapid time.

5. They’re just so cool!

Many people appreciate this type of machinery simply for its power and aesthetic qualities, in addition to the many practical benefits it can add to your life. This is why many people enjoy trade shows that feature such equipment or browsing through magazines, product catalogs or websites that feature it.

The above are some of the top reasons why heavy machinery is so widely admired. It can be advantageous to everyone, from workers to business owners. If you are looking for repair work, or new clutch or transmission parts for your heavy machinery, look no further!

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Why Torque Converters are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Jul 10, 13 • News, Torque ConvertersComments Off on Why Torque Converters are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Hydraulic Torque Converters from K&L Clutch

Torque converters take the place of clutches in heavy machinery and vehicles with automatic transmissions. The converters allow the motor to idle while the vehicle is stopped. A second use for converters is to supply increased torque when the motor is being revved up. This second use is especially beneficial for heavy duty motors for construction or industrial uses.

Parts of a converter

The main parts of torque converters are the housing, impeller, turbine, stator, and transmission fluid. The impeller, turbine, and stator are discs with attached vanes. The vanes are used to direct the flow of the transmission fluid. An industrial converter may employ a series of discs with attached fins to deliver a higher torque multiplier.

How converters operate

Converters provide a fluid coupling between a motor and its load. The initial load usually is a transmission. The transmission, in turn, may power the tires of a vehicle, the propeller of a boat, or industrial machinery.

When the motor is being accelerated, the motor RPM will exceed the transmission RPM. Under these conditions, the converter needs to allow slippage. The converter will also be multiplying the torque received from the motor. As the motor achieves its peak power RPM, the transmission RPM will catch up. At this stage, the converter no longer needs to allow slippage. A lockup clutch may then be triggered to connect the motor directly to the transmission. This matching speed is referred to as the converter’s stall speed. The stall speed (RPM) is frequently one of the main requirements considered when choosing a suitable converter

Twin Disc torque converters

Twin Disc converters are some of the most popular in the heavy machinery world, and can be used with farm tractors, road pavers, cranes, mining trucks, oil-rigs, logging equipment, mission-critical vehicles, watercraft, pumps, and turbines. These converters can handle diesel motors from 30 to 3500 hp.

The company also can provide stripped units for manufacturers who want to provide their own driveline assembly. The company also can provide a modulated input clutch to divide power between PTO drives and torque converters.

Clark torque converter

The Clark torque converter is manufactured for heavy-duty use in industrial applications, as well as custom-built high-performance vehicles, circle track race-cars, and drag racing cars. They can also provide “one-of-a-kind” or prototype converters.

They use a computer controlled manufacturing process and top grade materials and can maintain the precision of most parts to within 0.001 inch. In addition, they have a customer service staff of over 30 people, standing behind their product.

Manitowoc torque converter

The Manitowoc torque converter uses industrial-strength components. The company has years of experience producing and servicing heavy duty, durable equipment. They also manufacture cranes, implementing the Vicon system which uses a constant speed motor to drive two torque converters. This eliminates the need for clutches and brakes.

We’re obviously big fans of torque converters, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that yours is installed correctly, and running efficiently.

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How Does Torque Fluid Work?

May 24, 13 • News, Torque FluidComments Off on How Does Torque Fluid Work?

Twin Disc Torque Fluid from K&L Clutch and TransmissionOur goal with this post is a general overview of Torque Fluid, we won’t be delving into any quantum physics, so if you’re a super advanced reader, you may be looking for something more in-depth. If you’re looking for a more general understanding of how torque fluid works, you’ve come to the right place!

What is Torque Fluid?

Maybe you have heard of the term “torque fluid” and were curious as to what it was used for and what it does. Torque fluid is the hydraulic fluid used in a torque converter. The viscosity (or how thick or “runny” the liquid is) helps to transfer the pressure and makes the conversion process more effective. While this may be great for heavy-duty machinery, such as construction equipment, it isn’t always what you would want in machines with less weight, like your car. The thicker the fluid is, the more energy it transfers from one part of the transmission to another. Read Full Article →

4 Common Industrial Clutch and Transmission Problems

May 15, 13 • Clutches, News, Torque Converters, TransmissionComments Off on 4 Common Industrial Clutch and Transmission Problems

Common Clutch and Transmission Problems | K&L Industrial Machine PartsThere are a huge number of different transmissions being put to use in a wide variety of simple and complex machinery. Each model uses different types of transmission designs to convert power and drive the engine. With each variety of system comes different abilities and, of course, their own set of unique problems. The most uncommon transmissions are those being put to use in heavy machinery such as hydrostatic transmissions, hydrodynamic systems, and electric transmissions. In each of these cases, the transmission system is essentially converting power from its source for transmission into various gears and components. This transmission mechanism differs accordingly. In virtually all cases, however, the clutch and transmission of a vehicle will be intricately related, controlling the transition between gears which are responsible for transferring power. The number of gears and precise machining necessary for a clutch and transmission to work together properly ends up becoming the source of a great many problems in the engine as a whole. Read Full Article →