Allison Replacement Parts

Allison_brandReplacement Parts from Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission has been manufacturing incredible torque converters and other components of industrial transmissions for over 100 years, and K&L Clutch is proud to provide a full line of Allison replacement parts. These parts are recognized as some of the most premium industrial transmission parts on the market today. Torque converters function by stepping up an input rotational speed to a higher output rotational speed without slipping or otherwise faulting, which results in wasted power and efficiency. Allison Transmission parts are well known for their strength and reliability, and they have been adapted for a huge range of industries including construction, defense, automotive, and racing. They provide parts in 80 countries throughout the world, and they employ over 2700 people through their manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Founded by James Allison in 1915, Allison Transmission has continuously pushed the boundaries of technology, innovating new manufacturing techniques and parts as they have grown. The company was started out of a desire to help boost the power of racing car for the Indianapolis 500, and their products have grown into a commonly known name within the machining industry that is synonymous with quality. They are widely credited with the invention of the first industrial grade automatic transmission, and to this day they are considered the leading producer of large scale transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems. Allison parts are recommended for machinery that must constantly run at optimal performance, and K&L Clutch offers a wide selection of Allison replacement parts.

Allison Parts: Quality

Torque converters are produced by many industrial manufacturers, but Allison is the only brand with 100 years of experience to back up their amazing products. Durable performance and smooth control provided by these Allison transmission parts deliver an operating experience that is not only efficient and powerful, but also steady and seamless. Torque converters are vital for preventing power loss and unnecessary friction in all automatic transmission, since they help the transmission function as smoothly as possible. The trademark of Allison parts is their smooth, powerful performance that promotes maximum utility and prevents wasted energy and time. The downfall of any project is unnecessary waste, so utilizing premium components and parts from Allison will ensure that your project stays cost effective and finishes on schedule.

Allison Parts: Selection

The satisfaction of our clients is the number one priority at K&L Clutch, and our team will work with you to find the ideal part for your industrial application. Once we’ve found the perfect part from our supreme selection, we’ll install it and provide service and support in the event of any unforeseen issues. A brief selection of our available Allison torque converters include:

  • 6885693 TC-575
  • 6758089 TC-575
  • 6752523 TC-955
  • 6775521 TC-955
  • 6770189 TC-955
  • 6769945 TCA-955
  • 23013725 TC-945
  • 6880983 TCDOA-475
  • 6830841 TCDOA-565
  • 6830804 TCDOA-565

For a full selection of Allison parts and torque converters available from K&L Clutch, contact our helpful support staff here. Our professional and well-trained team will also answer any questions you may have, and they will help schedule a more serious consultation if you require. No matter the scale of your industrial parts or repair needs, K&L Clutch will happily assist you in any way possible.