An Overview of the Construction Industry

The construction industry, a high-hazard industry, which includes a far-reaching amount of activities that involve repair, alteration, and construction. The construction industry is responsible for over $1.7 trillion in annual revenue in the United States alone. With nearly three-quarters of a million construction companies in operation in the U.S., the construction industry is an enormous factor in the health of our national economy.

Clutch and transmission services and parts for machines in the construction industry.

The Four Main Construction Industry Sectors

There are four main construction sectors: heavy industrial, institutional and commercial, new home building and renovation, and civil engineering.

Heavy Industrial Construction ““ This construction sector is responsible for the construction of industrial facilities.

Institutional and Commercial Construction ““ Institutional and Commercial Construction is the sector responsible for the building of commercial buildings such as various business buildings, stadiums, hospitals or schools.

New Home Building and Renovation Construction ““ This sector includes the remodeling, renovation or building of homes, condominiums and apartment buildings.

Civil Engineering Construction ““ Various engineering projects like water and sewer lines, highways and dams are included in this constructions sector.

K&L Clutch and Transmission Serves the Construction Industry

With our many construction industry-specific products and services, K&L Clutch and Transmission is proud to serve this large and continually growing industry. K&L Clutch and Transmission has offered construction equipment transmission and clutch products for the construction industry since 1983.

Construction Equipment

With a detailed and inclusive product line of heavy machinery transmission parts used in the construction industry, we are the go to company for many construction companies. K&L Clutch and Transmission is incredibly selective of the brands we service and sell, which are often considered industry leaders in the construction industry.

Construction cranes are large machines that include chains, wire ropes or hoists and can be utilized to lower and raise materials to move them in a horizontal fashion. These machines are primarily utilized to lift incredibly heavy items that need transporting to different areas.

Rough Terrain Lift Trucks
Rough terrain applications require crane-mounted machines that feature an undercarriage with rubber tires. These machines are specifically designed for pick and carry type operations.

Wheel Loaders
Wheel loaders refer to heavy equipment machines that are used to move or lift materials like asphalt, snow, minerals, demolition debris or any type of large and heavy items. A type of tractor, these machines can either come with wheels or tracks.

Primarily used for digging trenches, these heavy machines are also useful for the laying of cables or pipes. Trenchers come in many different sizes from a smaller walk behind type of models all the way up to heavy equipment sized machines.

These large machines are used in the construction industry to create flat surfaces during grading processes. These large machines contain a long blade and usually contain three axles and the cab and engine are typically situated above the rear axles.

Heavy construction excavators consist of a cab, boom, stick and bucket, which are located on a rotating platform, also referred to as the “house.” They are used to dig trenches, building foundations, demolish structures, heavy lifting and more.

Clutch and Transmission Parts for the Construction Industry

In the simplest terms, well-working brakes are necessary to halt motion and to operate heavy equipment properly. Brakes create heat by converting kinetic energy from friction.

Caliper Brake
Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes
Water Cooled Brakes

Power Take-Offs
Also referenced to as PTOs, power take-offs are responsible for garnering power from an operational power source. Through this process, power take-offs are able to supply power to machines that are separate from the power source.

Twin Disc ““ Rockford PTO
Twin Disc PTO

Torque Converters
These products are able to multiply torque in the event of a great differing of input and output speed. The primary job of a torque converter is to transfer moving power from an electric motor to a rotating driven load.

Twin Disc Torque Converter
Allison Torque Converter
Clark Torque Converter
Manitowoc Torque Converter

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