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WPT PTOs work in both side load and inline applications on all SAE housing equipped industrial engines. All units include a sealed pilot bearing for an extended, maintenance free life. All parts and units are 100% inter-changeable with existing units. K&L Clutch & Transmission is proud to provide, repair and install WPT PTOs (power take offs).


What is a Power take-off?

A power take-off or power takeoff (PTO) is a term for methods of taking power from an operating power source, such as a running engine, which can be used to provide power to attachments or separate machines.

Semi-permanently mounted PTOs can be found on industrial and marine engines. These applications typically use a drive shaft, sheave or sprocket to transmit power to a secondary implement or accessory.



K & L Clutch & Transmission has taken on the WPT PTO line of  Twin Disc style power take offs as a distributor in the North Texas and Oklahoma region.  K & L Clutch & Transmission carries an extensive inventory to include complete units and supporting parts. With WPT Power Corporation based in Wichita Falls, most backorders can be filled in one day and all units are competitively priced. We are ready to service you now. Please call any of our experienced sales associates and ask more about the WPT product line.

The following is a partial list of WPT PTO Clutch series that K & L Clutch provides parts, repairs and installs:

Item NumberDescription
WTD-06-140CX106P401 ORG/BRZ/205
WTD-06-150CX106P501 ORG/BRZ/205
WTD-06-160CX106P601 ORG/BRZ/205
WTD-06-190CX106C001 ORG/BRZ
WTD-07-140CX107P401 ORG/BRZ/205
WTD-07-150CX107P501 ORG/BRZ/205
WTD-07-190CX107C002 ORG/BRZ
WTD-08-130CX108P301 ORG/BRZ/305
WTD-08-140CX108P401 ORG/BRZ/305
WTD-08-150CX108P501 ORG/BRZ/305
WTD-08-190CX108C001 ORG/BRZ
WTD-10-130CX110P301 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-10-140CX110P401 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-10-190CX110C002 ORG/BRZ
WTD-11-110SP111P101 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-11-120SP111P201 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-11-130SP111P301 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-11-190SP111C002 ORG/BRZ/1PC
WTD-11-191CX111C001 ORG/BRZ
WTD-11-210SP211P101 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-11-220SP211P201 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-11-230SP211P301 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-11-290SP211C001 ORG/BRZ
WTD-11-320SP311P201 ORG/BB/306
WTD-11-330SP311P301 ORG/BB/306
WTD-11-390SP311C001 ORG/BB
WTD-14-110SP114P101 ORG/BRZ/307
WTD-14-111SP114P102 ORG/BRZ/306
WTD-14-190SP114C002 ORG/BRZ
WTD-14-210SP214P101 ORG/BRZ/307
WTD-14-211SP214P115 ORG/BB/307
WTD-14-290SP214C001 ORG/BRZ
WTD-14-292SP214C003 ORG/BRZ
WTD-14-310SP314P102 ORG/BRZ/309
WTD-14-312SP314P101 ORG/BRZ/307
WTD-14-390SP314C001 ORG/BRZ
WTD-18-300SP318P002 ORG/BRZ/311


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