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Oil States Industries, Inc. has an uncompromising commitment to quality products and service that has resulted in ELASTA-FLEX® Clutches and Brakes. K&L Clutch & Transmission is proud to provide, repair and install their pneumatic clutches.

Pneumatic Clutches: Uses and Capabilities

Pneumatic clutches are very powerful and an excellent fit for the large industrial machines your company depends on for your toughest job-site challenges, including auto cranes and other construction vehicles.

They offer a simple method for adjusting torque by providing excellent torque control, which is necessary for more heavy-duty vehicles and machines. While mechanical clutches usually have torque limiters that vary around 10 percent, pneumatic or air clutches typically limit torque variance to less than 5 percent — a significant difference. Pneumatic clutches are normally able to provide more speed and flexibility than mechanical clutches, for even larger machines.

To summarize: More torque. More power. More speed and flexibility. Sound good?

Let’s take a look at how they work:

Clutches, whether pneumatic, mechanical, or hydraulic, work by both locking two separate rotating parts together and unlocking them. This action can bring energy from one source to another, or take that energy away. The most common example is in a standard car, where the clutch is used to sync up the engine with the transmission in order to accelerate the vehicle. The clutch can then be used to un-sync the engine and transmission so that the vehicle can switch to another gear or slow to a stop without stalling the engine. The engine keeps spinning on its own until the clutch re-syncs it with the transmission, and so forth. Most smaller vehicles use mechanical clutches, but pneumatic clutches offer some amazing advantages for many machines and situations.

Pneumatics is the branch of technology that concerns the way gases can be used for mechanical purposes. In most pneumatic machinery, the gas used is the simplest of gases — clean air. In other words, pneumatics usually describes the use of air to move things. Unlike mechanical clutches (where solid moving parts do all the work), pneumatic clutches employ tightly compressed air to transfer energy from one moving part of a machine to another.

For example — you know those air tubes at the bank drive-through? Those use pneumatics in a similar, albeit much simpler, way. At the bank drive-through, when you put a check into the container and send it off, compressed air quickly shoots through the tube and pushes the container all the way to the bank teller.

When a pneumatic clutch is disengaged, compressed air quickly shoots through the shaft, toward the throw-out bearing, which opens the clutch and un-syncs the two rotating parts (like engine and transmission). When a pneumatic clutch is re-engaged, the air is bled out. A set of springs then release, reattaching the two rotating parts. Then it’s time to get moving again.

To learn more about pneumatic clutches, contact one of our industrial clutch experts. We proudly service and provide quality parts for pneumatic clutches, including Oil States pneumatic clutches.


VC-Style and CB-Style Air Clutches

At KL Clutch, we’re proud to provide both VC-style and CB-style pneumatic clutches — the sort rugged enough for peak, reliable performance out in the oilfields, and flexible enough to be provide pneumatic clutch solutions across a variety of other industrial applications.

Both are constricting-type clutches featuring Oil State’s ELASTA-FLEX drum clutch elements—a flexible, fabric-reinforced inflatable elastomeric tube that expands radially inward—designed for severe, demanding clutch applications. When the tube constricts, it pushes the friction shoes against an outer cylindrical drum surface, which makes it easy to accurately determine and control element torque capacity.

Let’s take a look at the unique capabilities of each:

VC-type pneumatic clutches: Better heat dissipation. Higher torque capabilities. Increased longevity.

VC elements were principally designed for severe, high-torque, high-thermal-capacity clutching in heavy machinery with high starting loads. In other words: toughness, toughness, toughness.

By design, torque gets transmitted via torque bars from the side plates to the friction shoes. They work well for a few reasons: A well-ventilated construction improves heat dissipation from the friction shoes and cooling airflow. And the clutches boast high torque ratings, which makes it easy to use smaller diameter units (better for lowering contact velocity on high-speed applications). Because of what’s required of them, VC-style air clutches are in are in many ways considered to be the most trusty, tough styles of drum clutches.

A VC-style clutch might especially come in handy (compared to less efficient conventional clutches) if you’ve faced repeated clutch failures resulting from extensive slippage and high starting loads.

CB-type pneumatic clutches: torsional resilience and flexibility

CB-style air clutches, meanwhile, are most noted for their flexibility. Designed for power transmission in oilfield machinery, the CB elements work best in high-speed, medium torque applications—especially those where high heat generation (as seen in VC applications) is less of a problem. CB torque also gets transmitted through a sort of flexible neoprene side wall and cord actuating tube, which lets minor, naturally occurring shaft misalignment happen without causing larger problems. The neoprene tube automatically tightens up when friction surfaces wear, providing constant compensation.

Out in the oilfield, the CB-types fit a more broad array of applications than VC types, including engine, slush pump, and PTO applications.

Marine Clutches

Contact our industrial clutch specialists to get a better idea of which pneumatic clutch suits your needs.

The Marine Clutch series elements are an upgraded ventilated version of the CB series that provides high torque capacity for demanding applications. As with the CB series, the tube is integrally bonded to the outer rim. Unique to this series, the elements can be supplied as “new” or “remanufactured”. Due to heavier rim construction used on the Marine Clutch series, the outer rim can be reclaimed and reused. A new elastomeric element is then molded into the rim and new friction shoe assemblies installed.








The following is a partial list of Oil States Pneumatic Clutches that K & L Clutch provides parts for, repairs and installs:

Item Number                       Description

         Oil States        Eaton P/N             Description

• 10A300-11A1        142197JB                 ELEM ASSY SF, SD, W/1 S/C
• 10A300-11AA        142197JN                ELEMENT ASSY SF,SD, W/1 SC,HIC
• 10A300-11B1        142197JG                ELEM ASSY SF,SD,W/2 S/C
• 14A400-11A1        142087JB                ELEM ASSY SF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 14A400-11AA        142087JN                ELEM ASSY SF,SD,W/1 S/C – HICO
• 14A400-21A1        142087KM               ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 14A400-21BE       142087KJ                SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 S/C
• 14A400-22A1        —                             ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 S/C
• 14A400-22BB       142604DA                DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/2 S/C
• 14A400-22BC       —                             DUAL ELEM ASSY,DF,DD,W/4 S/C
• 16A500-21A1       142211KM                 ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 16A500-21BE      142211KJ                  SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 S/C
• 16A500-21D1      142211KN                 ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
• 16A500-21EE      142211LP                 SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 QRV
• 16A500-22A1      142211LH                  ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 S/C
• 16A500-22D1      142211LJ                  ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 QRV
• 16A500-22EB      142432DD                DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/2 QRV
• 16VC1000B1      142821HP                 ELEM ASSY W/2 S/C
• 16VC1000D1      142821HM                 ELEM ASSY W/1 QRV
• 16VC1000E1      142821HN                 ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 16VC600D1        142640HM                 ELEM ASSY W/1 QRV
• 16VC600DR       142640HR                 ELEM ASSY W/1 QRV EXT SP IDECO
• 16VC600ER-01   —                              ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV,EXT SP EMSCO
• 16VC600G1       142640HE                  ELEM ASSY W/4 QRV
• 18A500-21A1     142264KM                  ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 18A500-21BE     142264KJ                  SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 S/C
• 18A500-21D1     142264KN                  ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W1 QRV
• 18A500-21EE     142264LM                  SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 QRV
• 18A500-22BB     142433DA                  DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 S/C
• 18A500-22D1     142264LJ                   ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W1 QRV
• 18A500-22EB     142433DD                 DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/2 QRV
• 20A500-21A1     142265KM                  ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 20A500-21BE     142265KJ                  SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 S/C
• 20A500-21D1     142265KN                 ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
• 20A500-21EE     142265LP                 SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 QRV
• 20A500-22A1     142265LH                  ELEM, DF, DD, W/1 S/C
• 20A500-22D1     142265LJ                  ELEM ASSY DF, DD, W/1 QRV
• 20A500-22EB     142434DD                DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/2 QRV
• 20VC1000E1      142832HN                 ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 20VC600B1        142641HP                 ELEM ASSY W/2 S/C
• 20VC600D1       142641HM                 ELEM ASSY W/1 QRV
• 20VC600E1       142641HN                 ELEM ASSY W/2QRV
• 22A500-21D1     142266KN                ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
• 22A500-22D1     142266LJ                 ELEM ASSY DF, DD W/1 QRV
• 22A500-22EB    142435DD                DUAL ELEM ASSY DF, DD, W/2 QRV
• 24A500-21A1     142267KM                ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 24A500-21BE     142267KJ                SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 S/C
• 24A500-21D1     142267KN                ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
• 24A500-21EE     142267LP               SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2QRV
• 24A500-22A1     142267LH                ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 S/C
• 24A500-22BB     142436DA              DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/2 S/C
• 24A500-22D1     142267LJ                ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 QRV
• 24A500-22EB     142436DD              DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/2 QRV
• 24VC650B1       142642HP               ELEM ASSY W/2 S/C
• 24VC650D1       142642HM              ELEM ASSY W/1 QRV
• 24VC650E1       142642HN               ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 26A525-21D1    142268KN               ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
• 26A525-21EE    142268LP               SPLIT ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/2 QRV
• 26A525-22D1    142268LJ                ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 QRV
• 26A525-22EB    142437DD              DUAL ELEMENT, DF, DD, W/2 QRV
• 28A525-21A1     142269KM              ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 28A525-21D1     142269KN             ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
• 28A525-22D1     142269LJ              ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 QRV
• 28A525-22EB     142438DD            DUAL ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/2 QRV
• 28VC1000E1      142674HN             ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 28VC650D1       142643HM             ELEM ASSY W/1 QRV
• 28VC650E1       142643HN              ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 28VC650H1       142643HA              ELEM ASSY 1 INLET,NO S/C
• 30A525-21A1     142270KM             ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
• 30A525-21D1     142270KN             ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
• 30A525-22D1     142270LJ              ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 QRV
• 30CM500            412169                 MARINE CLUTCH ELEMENT
• 32A525-21D1     142271KN             ELEM ASSY, DF, SD, W/1 QRV
• 32A525-21DA      —–                      ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV-HI-CO
• 32A525-22D1      142271LJ             ELEM ASSY, DF, DD, W/1 QRV
• 32VC1000B1      142673HP            ELEM ASSY W/2 S/C
• 32VC1000E1      142673HN            ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 36A525-21A1       —                       SEE EAT142272KM
• 38VC1200B1      142739HP           ELEM ASSY W/2 S/C
• 38VC1200E1       —                        CLUTCH W/2 QRV
• 40A525-21D1       142273KN          ELEM ASSY DF,SD, W/1 QRV
• 40A525-22A1       142273LH           ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W/1 S/C
• 40A525-22D1      142273LJ            ELEM ASSY DF, DD, W/1 QRV
• 40A525-22EB       —                      DUAL ELEM DF, DD, W/2 QRV
• 42VC1200E1       142677HN          ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 42VC1200G1       142677HE          ELEM ASSY W/4 QRV
• 46VC1200B1       142671HP           ELEM ASSY W/2 S/C
• 46VC1200E1       142671HN           ELEM ASSY W/2 QRV
• 46VC1200GQ-1  142671JL             ELEM ASSY W/4 QRV EXT S/P


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