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Rudomatic IncReplacement Parts by Rudomatic

Coil spring automatic taglines were originated and developed by Rudomatic, and to this day the company continues to be a leading producer of taglines and magnetic reels. The classic Rud-O-Matic Tagline uses a bell guide fairlead that needs no additional lubrication, sheaves, or pins, and after the tagline has been installed it can be operated completely automatically. The positive tension delivered to the crane load prevents vibrational energy from affecting the utility of the tagline. K&L Clutch carries a wide selection of Rudomatic replacement parts, and we are proud to supply our customers with the most reliable industrial taglines and magnetic reels available today.

The Rud-O-Matic Tagline is produced in several configurations. Single barrel, double barrel, triple barrel, and quad barrel taglines are available, as are single, double, and triple combination magnetic reels. Other available Rudomatic parts include combination hydraulic reel-and-tagline units, as well as four-collector-ring magnet reels ideal for low amp-high volt applications. Each tagline mounts to any standard crane boom and is comprised of several basic parts including a bell fairlead, spring-loaded cylinders, a wire reel, and a reel cable.

Rudomatic Quality

Rudomatic taglines are perfectly engineered for their intended purposes, and a myriad of sizing options are available that will fulfill any requirement you might have. Each unit is designed to offer optimal cable pullout while delivering the necessary tension to manipulate the crane load. Rudomatic parts include a shear pin to prevent over-winding the spring coils. If the coils are wound too tightly, the shear pin will break to maintain the integrity of the spring. It’s important to be aware of the maximum number of turns each reel is capable of making before the shear pin shatters.

Rudomatic Selection

K&L Clutch offers an incredible selection of Rudomatic replacement parts, including several models in the single, double, and triple barrel varieties. A brief list of some of the Rudomatic taglines in our inventory includes:

Single Barrel

  • 624 – 30″ housing (Ideal for truck-mounted cranes)
  • 630 – 38″ housing (Ideal for 30′ booms)
  • 636 – 46″ housing (Ideal for booms between 40-60′)
  • 648 – 60″ housing (Ideal for 80′ booms)
  • 666 – 78″ housing (Ideal for deep grade digging)

Double Barrel

  • 1248 – 20″ reel, 60″ housing (Ideal for 80′ booms)
  • 1266 – 30″ reel, 78″ housing (Ideal for deep grade digging)
  • 1266 – 40″ reel, 78″ housing (Ideal for deep grade digging)

Triple Barrel

  • 1848 – 20″ reel, 60″ housing (Ideal for 80′ booms)
  • 1866 – 30″ reel, 78″ housing (Ideal for digging up to 100′ below grade)
  • 1866 – 40″ reel, 78″ housing (Ideal for digging up to 100′ below grade)

This list is by no means a complete selection of the inventory held by K&L Clutch. For a comprehensive list of the Rudomatic products available through K&L, please contact our helpful support staff here. Our friendly, engaging team will happily assist you in locating the perfect component for your specific needs, and they will offer installation and aftermarket service and support as well. Let K&L Clutch fulfill each of your industrial machining needs.