Waste Management

Clutch & Transmission parts and repair for the Waste Management Industry

Clutch and Transmission parts and repairs for machines in the waste management industry.K&L Clutch and Transmission is proud to provide clutch and transmission parts including Torque Converters and Power Take Offs (PTOs), for almost any heavy machinery. The machines used in the Waste Management industry are a prime example of the types of heavy duty equipment we love to serve, and we’re happy to do our repairs in the field, or even internationally.

Landfill Compactor Transmissions

The landfill compactor transmissions is the part of the compactor that allows the operator to adjust their speed by shifting in and out of different gears. There are three types of shifting: Forward, neutral, and reverse. All of these shifting positions are controlled by the operator’s fingers, and they are able to select a gear by using their thumb. This makes it easier and more convenient for the operator to control the compactor efficiently.

Landfill Compactor Torque Converters

Landfill compactor torque converters are used to help the operator control the power input that they need in order to get their job done efficiently. The torque converter is used by multiplying the torque needed for the job even when there is a substantial difference between the input and output rotational speed. The torque converter is also used to bind the engine to the transmission to make sure the machine doesn’t loose any of it’s efficiency.

Grinder Torque Converters

Grinders are used on waste management machinery in order to grind things down into the holes of landfills. Grinder torque converters are used to control the torque generated inside the grinders attached to the main waste management industry machines to help make sure that it is running efficiently and doesn’t cause a problem with the torque needed to control the grinder.

Grinder Power Take Offs

The grinder power take offs is extremely important in any waste management industry equipment that uses a grinder implement. It allows the power needed to run the grinder be transferred efficiently between the primary machinery to the actual grinder. Without the grinder power take off, there would not be any way to keep up an ample amount of power to run the grinder at full capacity.

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