Rudomatic Service and Repairs

Rudomatic IncRudomatic coil spring taglines and magnet reels are the world’s leading products in their category. This brand is well known in the industrial machining world, and their innovative automatic tagline systems have paved the way toward a new industry standard. Once these systems are installed, they require no additional manual operation to perform their duties. The lines are capable of keeping the bucket and its load steady at any angle by applying tension through the cable, and they utilize a Bell Guide fairlead that doesn’t use pins, sheaves, or any lubricating agents. K&L Clutch proudly offers our customers a full selection of Rudomatic parts, and we provide Rudomatic repairs, general service, and installation.

Rudomatic Premium Taglines and Reels

Rudomatic was the original manufacturer of automatic coil spring taglines, and their products have helped carve a path for a new class of industrial systems. These units are easily mounted to any crane as well, and the experts at K&L Clutch are more than capable of installing new Rudomatic taglines. When in action, these ingenious devices create positive tension in the cable, forcing the bucket to maintain steadiness. Their magnet reels also provide unparalleled strength and performance.

There are many configurations of these taglines that are each suited for different applications. There are single, double, triple, and quad barrel systems, single, double and triple magnet reel lines, and a four collector ring magnet reel line. Rudomatic also manufactures a single unit that combines a hydraulic hose reel with one of their tagline systems. Since Rudomatic has been the industry leader for years, you can trust their products will stand up to any challenge placed before them. K&L Clutch offers a full inventory of Rudomatic components, and our repair center is staffed by trained professionals who can service any Rudomatic system.

Rudomatic Variety

There are several different Rudomatic tagline and magnet reel systems available through K&L Clutch. Their single barrel units have a cable pullout ranging from 45 to 135 feet, their double barrel units have a range from 90 to 250 feet, and their triple barrel units range from 90 to 250 feet of pullout when digging 100 feet below grade. This incredible variety means you’ll have no problem finding the perfect Rudomatic tagline or magnet reel. K&L will happily help you find your ideal components, and we can quickly and efficiently install them onto your existing crane. We also offer our impressive service and repair skills to anyone with a Rudomatic system that needs maintenance, a new installation, or anything in between.

If you wish to know more about the Rudomatic services we offer, please contact us here. Our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions you may have, and they can assist in scheduling an in-person consultation as well.