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The Economic Impact of the Mining Industry
The mining industry, responsible for billions in worldwide annual revenue, continues to be an economic giant in the United States and abroad. No doubt, this is due to the high demand for various minerals to sustain the complex and enormous usage needs required by our society.

Mining Sectors and Conventional Commodities
Most modern day mining companies are comprised of incredibly sizable enterprises although small businesses and individual entrepreneurs are also present in the industry. In particular, mining is comprised of two large sectors, with one sector focusing on the exploration and discovery of new resources and the other specializing in the mining of those discovered resources. The most conventional commodities mined today include nonmetallic minerals, metal ore, with oil and gas extraction being the biggest in regards to global and economic ramifications.

K&L Clutch and Transmission Serves the Mining Industry
To account for the continuing needs of mining companies worldwide and in support of the specific materials that mining companies work to locate, K&L Clutch and Transmission is proud to supply products and machinery to the mining industry. We service mining equipment transmissions, and we've specialized in clutch and transmission products for heavy machinery in the mining field since 1983.

Mining Machines We Service

Our comprehensive line of heavy machinery transmission parts used in the mining industry are second to none, and the brands we sell and service are recognized as the leaders in the industry.

Crushers, mining machines that crush larger rocks into gravel, are primarily used to change the form of materials for recycling and disposal purposes. In the mining industry, the gravel is usually created for other purposes and further processing. The types used for mining operations include jaw, cone, gyratory, and compound, plus mineral sizers. These pieces of machinery utilize power take-offs and torque converters.

Haul Trucks
Haul trucks, two-axle high production mining dump trucks, are most often used off-road and, capacities can range from 40 to 450 tons. This type of equipment also utilizes torque converters.

In mining, this type of machinery is used to move materials and debris into a secondary machine. These heavy-duty pieces of equipment include the following types: tractor front, compact front end, armored wheel, and swingloaders to name a few. Torque converters are a specific part these machines rely upon.

Ball Mills
Considered grinders, ball mills are utilized to grind mined materials into extra fine powder for use in other processes. They are cylindrical in shape and are considered a vital piece of machinery equipment for the crushing and grinding of materials. Products specific to the proper operation of this machinery include clutches and brakes.

If you own or operate Crushers, Haul Trucks, Loaders or Ball Mills, and need repair work performed, or a new clutch or transmission part or service for your equipment, don't hesitate.

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Clutch and Transmission Parts for the Mining Industry

Power Take-Offs – Also referenced to as PTOs, power take-offs are responsible for garnering power from an operational power source. Through this process, power take-offs are able to supply power to machines that are separate from the power source.

Twin Disc – Rockford PTO
Twin Disc PTO

Torque Converters – The primary job of a torque converter is to transfer moving power from an electric motor to a rotating driven load. These products are able to multiply torque in the event of a great differing of input and output speed.

Twin Disc Torque Converter
Allison Torque Converter
Clark Torque Converter
Manitowoc Torque Converter

Brakes – Brakes create heat by converting kinetic energy from friction. In the simplest terms, well-working brakes are necessary to halt motion and to operate heavy equipment properly.

Caliper Brake
Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes
Water Cooled Brakes

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