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K&L Clutch & Transmission is proud to provide a comprehensive line of air clutches for a broad variety of industries, from some of America's leading industrial air clutch manufacturers. We carry brands including:

Oil State and Twin Disc are two of the leading pneumatic or Air Clutch manufacturers. We're proud to stock, supply, and service their products. Please take some time to check out our complete line of air clutches (above), or contact us for more information. We'll tell you everything you need to know.


Typically, an engine comes with an output shaft, and this is located near the flywheel. The clutch is a type of device that comes in a system of grabbing disks or plates, which engage power from the machinery's flywheel and transfer this power to the transmission. Most heavy construction equipment (for example, cranes, earth moving equipment, or farm machinery) come with a power take off (PTO) shaft. The engine clutch will engage with this shaft to drive or spin another component or peripheral device. Compressed air, instead of centrifugal force or hydraulic oil, is utilized to disengage or engage the engine from the component that is driven.


Air clutches require low maintenance and are cleaner than the hydraulic systems, and this is basically easier to work with. The power or torque control of the air / pneumatic clutch is also typically more accurate than a mechanical clutch. The integrity of the lines and the fittings of the machinery should be carefully maintained so as to avoid leaks and loss of air pressure. It pays to know the basics of how these devices work so one can check the proper functioning of any heavy machine. Moreover, knowing how an air clutch works will also help in troubleshooting any problems associated with the faulty functioning of the heavy machinery's mechanism. Kan-Haul, Inc. is happy to install or repair air clutches, and our long history in the heavy machinery clutch and transmission industry makes us an ideal fit for your repair or installation needs. We also provide our services globally, so there's nothing to stop us from resolving your situation.

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