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Vicon torque converter

Manitowoc Torque converters from K&LK & L Clutch & Transmission stocks a full line of Manitowoc VICON Converters for sale or exchange.


Quality Torque Converters for over 100 years

The Manitowoc Company upholds the core values of integrity, commitment to stakeholders, and passion for excellence. These standards directly translate to their production of their Manitowoc torque converters and other high-quality products.


A torque converter is generally a type of hydrodynamic fluid coupling that is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine or electric motor, to a rotating driven load.

The key characteristic of a torque converter is its ability to multiply torque when there is a substantial difference between input and output rotational speed. Some of these devices are also equipped with a temporary locking mechanism which rigidly binds the engine to the transmission when their speeds are nearly equal, to avoid slippage and a resulting loss of efficiency.

Manitowoc Torque Converters are Dependable

The Manitowoc Company began in 1902 as a small shipbuilding and ship repair company in Manitowoc Wisconsin, and so they have more than 100 years of experience with industrial machines and products. Manitowoc torque converters are industrial strength components that are produced by a company that has years of experience producing and servicing heavy-duty, durable equipment. We are proud to carry these and other Manitowoc parts and products.


Manitowoc Torque Converters  —  VICON CONVERTERS

The Manitowoc Company produces cranes as well as their Manitowoc torque converters, so they fully understand the construction and service of industrial components. Manitowoc torque converters provide great torque multiplication and take advantage of prime mover power over a wider operating range. Customers can be confident in Manitowoc’s reputation and experience, knowing that the Manitowoc torque converters they manufacture are high quality. Manitowoc torque converters are strong and dependable, able to fulfill the requirements they were designed to meet.



The following is a partial list of Manitowoc Torque Converters that K & L Clutch provides parts for, repairs and installs:

     ITEM                           DESCRIPTION
  • 61040                       CONVERTER
  • 61041                       CONVERTER
  • 96529                       CONVERTER
  • 97245                       CONVERTER
  • 98055                       CONVERTER
  • 98056                       CONVERTER
  • 65920                      CONVERTER
  • 65921                      CONVERTER
  • 64235                      CONVERTER
  • 64236                      CONVERTER
  • 65932                      CONVERTER
  • 65944                      CONVERTER
  • 65943                      CONVERTER
  • 65941                      CONVERTER
  • 65106                      CONVERTER
  • 65176                      CONVERTER

Plus carrying related Manitowoc Parts:

      ITEM                           DESCRIPTION
  • 180256-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF11576TC
  • 180257-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF10027TC
  • 18085KL                   FAIRLEAD ROLLER FLANGE
  • 181176-5                  SHAFT, INPUT CIF10033TC1
  • 181177-2                  SHAFT, INPUT CIF11570TC0
  • 183994-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF10027TC
  • 183995-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF10027TC
  • 183996-2                  SHAFT, INPUT -DOUBLE SPLINE
  • 184026-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF10027TC
  • 184044-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF11576TC
  • 184066-2                  SHAFT- CIF INPUT
  • 184273-2                 SHAFT, INPUT IF10027TC
  • 24455-0                   YOKE
  • 24455-6                   YOKE ASSY – 10,000
  • 24693-9                   SWASH PLATE 11500
  • 24745-2                   BUSHING-10,000 SWASH PLATE
  • 24746-2                   SUPPORT RING, SWASH PLATE
  • 24758-4                   SWASH PLATE 10000
  • 32441-2                   HOUSING, YOKE – 11,500
  • 32575-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF10027TC
  • 32576-2                  SHAFT, INPUT IF10027TC
  • 40701                     TRACK PAD 4600
  • 90515K1                 FAIRLEAD SHEAVE ASSY

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