Allison Service and Repair

logo-allisonFor over 100 years, Allison Transmission has been a company with an excellent reputation for manufacturing premium transmission components, specifically torque converters. Their converters are trusted by industry professionals throughout the world, and they’re used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including standard automative, heavy machinery, and racing vehicles. K&L Clutch proudly offers an impressive inventory of Allison torque converters, along with many other Allison transmission components. Not only does K&L carry an extensive product line, but we are also more than capable of completing any Allison transmission repair that you may need.

Allison Premium Components

Industrial parts are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean they all share the same level of quality. Like any other range of products, some are better than others, and the transmission parts produced by Allison are second to none. Their 100 years of experience in manufacturing transmission components has lead them to be a leader of the industry. They pride themselves on the level of sophistication built into their parts, and their torque converters combine strength with gentle, smooth operation. Fuel efficiency and horsepower go through the roof when proper efficiency is built into the system, and Allison parts do just that.

K&L Clutch is overtly aware of the high-quality components made by Allison, and their torque converters prevent friction, power loss, and wasted energy. K&L happily offers Allison transmission service, repair, and consultations.

Why are Torque Converters Important?

Automatic transmissions can not run properly without a torque converter, since the converter is responsible for transferring power between the engine and the load. The torque converter primarily is used to step up the output speed of the engine to better suit the application, which is typically achieved through the use of an advanced hydrodynamic fluid coupler. Some converters even lock to the engine when they reach equal speed for better control and efficiency.

Allison Transmission has been making premium torque converters and other transmission parts for over 100 years, so you can trust the quality manufacturing techniques that have been perfected over the generations.

A Brief Inventory Preview

K&L Clutch carries a tremendous selection of Allison Transmission components, including their splendid torque converters. We not only sell these amazing parts, but we will install, repair, and service them as needed. Some of the torque converters available through K&L are listed below:

  • 6885693 TC-575
  • 23013725 TC-945
  • 6770189 TC-955
  • 6773786 TC475
  • 6752523 TC955
  • 6776860 TCA-845
  • 23014597 TCA-955
  • 6773897 TCD-845
  • 6759142 TCDA585
  • 6880983 TCDOA-475
  • 6830832 TCDOA-525
  • 6774951 TCOA-377-121

For a more comprehensive list of the parts available through K&L Clutch, contact us here. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may, or schedule a consultation.