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Twin Disc offers an extensive selection of industrial and transmission parts that can handle whatever challenging demands are required with precision, power and easy control. When time is money, Twin Disc parts and systems keep machines up and running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re using Twin Disc PTOs, Twin Disc torque converters, or a Twin Disc clutch, you can rest easy knowing that the product lives up to and beyond the standards and can handle whatever load or strain is required. Twin Disc is at the forefront of their industry and realizes the need for agility, speed and reliability and therefore make it a priority to manufacture products that meet those criteria. Twin Disc parts consistently provide the power needed, in every situation and with any task.

Twin Disc Power Take Off

Twin Disc PTOs are an extensive line of mechanical and hydraulic power take offs. Twin Disc power take offs also include a new line of remotely actuated mechanical PTOs which offer smoother, safer operation and flexibility with configuration. K&L offers customers a full range of Twin Disc Power Take Offs and can provide customers with full service as well as the Twin Disc PTOs and other products.

Twin Disc Torque Converters

Twin Disc converters are the the answer to diesel installations from 30 through 3500 horsepower. K&L provides a selection of Twin Disc torque converters in a range of size, type, capacity, input and output, and also includes both rotating and stationary housing type Twin Disc converters. Twin disc converters are notes for increasing engine efficiency and productivity and decreasing lugging and stalling. Operators no longer have to worry about clutching or shifting and torque is transferred through fluid, making mechanical connection unnecessary and increasing precision and control.

Twin Disc Clutch

K&L offers Twin Disc clutches in a selection of sizes up to 1067 millimeters. Twin Disc clutches offer operators dependable performance at minimum operating costs. Twin Disc clutches are perfect for heavy-duty tasks and can handle maximum power, supporting industrial equipment like rock crushers, drilling rigs, tractor winches and more. Feel free to contact K&L or check out our line of Twin Disc clutches and other Twin Disc parts to find out what will work best to keep your projects up and running.



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