NACD Replacement Parts

North American Clutch & Driveline products from K&L ClutchReplacement Parts by North American clutch and driveline

North American Clutch and Driveline, or NACD, has been a producer of exceptional industrial components since 1973, and their selection of clutch systems, Power Take-Offs (PTOs), and other replacement parts is second to none. Many of their customers exclusively trust North American Clutch and Driveline for premium OEM parts, and their global distribution network is dedicated to ensuring speedy delivery and service. All NACD replacement parts are produced and tested at a manufacturing facility outside Rockford, Illinois, and warehouses located across the country stock and redistribute the products for the consumer. K&L Clutch is a proud distributor of many NACD clutches and PTO components.

North American Clutch and Driveline has two primary areas of expertise: PTOs and clutches. Their extensive selection of PTOs include both small assemblies for use in diesel pumps, compressors, and generators, and larger assemblies that are ideal for gas or diesel vehicles and large-scale machines and equipment. NACD parts for clutches, and full clutch systems, include products that fit all size vehicles, from light, medium, and heavy trucks all the way to agricultural tractors and Earth-moving machines like bulldozers and backhoes. The industries serviced by North American Clutch and Driveline include, but are not limited to:

  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Oil/Petroleum
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Mining

North American Clutch and Driveline Quality

Part of what makes NACD replacement parts so versatile is the care with which the company designs, produces, and packages their products. Only the highest quality materials are used, and each component is perfectly crafted for its specific purpose. North American Clutch and Driveline has earned a reputation as a seasoned manufacturer of fine OEM products, and their innovative team continues to produce new technology. For example, their new Spring-Loaded PTO is engineered to provide standard flywheels to large-scale engines, which is useful for machines that deal with irrigation and mulching. This new design is ideal for expanding the functionality of a diesel engine by allowing it to maintain efficiency in less than perfect conditions.

Another facet of the North American Clutch and Driveline distribution system that makes their service stand out is their method of packaging clutch systems together as single units. This cuts down on mistakes when ordering, and it ensures the customer receives exactly what they need to take advantage of their equipment. For instance, NACD features a product series called MaxPaks, which are kits consisting of a solid flywheel, mounting bolts, an alignment tool, a clutch cover, a disc, and all necessary bearings for installing the new clutch. They also provide a line of ClutchPaks that deliver the same components without the additional flywheel.

North American Clutch and Driveline Selection

K&L Clutch is happy to be a member of the extensive distribution network for NACD parts. We provide a wide selection of NACD replacement components, primarily:

  • Agricultural Clutches
  • Earth-Mover Clutches
  • Power Take-Offs (PTOs)
  • Off-Road Clutch Systems

These are just a few of the types of parts we carry from NACD. For a more complete listing of our available NACD inventory, please contact our knowledgeable staff here. Not only will our helpful, friendly team help you find the perfect part for any industrial application, but they will offer installation and aftermarket support as well. K&L Clutch is a one-stop shop that can handle all your industrial equipment needs.