Manitowoc Parts and Equipment

Manitowoc offers torque converters and VICON control systems to enable smooth, powerful and fuel efficient operation.

The Manitowoc Company has been producing heavy duty, high performance products for many years, so their reputation is well known and respected. Manitowoc torque converter are industrial strength and can handle any task that is required with ease and power. We are proud to carry these and other Manitowoc products.

Why Choose Manitowoc Torque Converters ?

Manitowoc has manufactured cranes as well as their line of Manitowoc converters which means they are fully comprehensive of the demands and uses for their industrial components. Manitowoc torque converters and the VICON control system utilize prime mover power over a wider operating range and enable efficient use of torque and powerful operation. K&L has seen Manitowoc converters perform dependably, exceeding expectations even when demands are heavy, and therefore, we are sure that customers who utilize Manitowoc converters will find that the components reliably provide the performance needed.

Manitowoc Includes VICON Control System

Manitowoc offers the unique Vicon control system, which has a constant speed primary power plant that drives variable speed output from two controlled torque converters. The two converters divide the load between them, with one responsible for the load hoist and travel machinery and the other is responsible for the swing machinery. Torque and speed of all operating functions are variably controlled from independent power sources, without slipping clutches or brakes.

K&L Provides Dependable Manitowoc Torque Converters

K&L Clutch offers an extensive line of Manitowoc converters and Vicon control systems, with a selection of the components we carry below:

  • Manitowoc 4100
  • Manitowoc 4600
  • Manitowoc 3900
  • Manitowoc 4000
  • Manitowoc 6400

If there is another component you’re looking for or you would like assistance installing or servicing your equipment from our 24-hour field services team, contact K&L today!