Oil States Replacement Parts

Oil-States_brandReplacement Parts by Oil States

Oil States Industries is a manufacturer of premium air clutches, also known as pneumatic clutches, and they have over sixty years of experience in making high quality industrial components. The Oil States name has become synonymous with reliability and efficiency, and their customers fully trust all Oil States parts. K&L Clutch carries a full line of these trustworthy pneumatic clutches along with other Oil States replacement parts, including their well-known ELASTA-FLEX line of clutches. The ELASTA-FLEX clutches are based on a proprietary design by Oil States that provides innovative stability and speed. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best parts on the market.

To better understand why Oil States has earned such a reputation for amazing parts, you must have thorough knowledge regarding the differences between mechanical and pneumatic clutches. All clutches are designed to create a connection between two rotating components, usually an engine and a transmission. In smaller engines a standard mechanical clutch is ideal, but industrial components need to be stronger, more durable, and highly efficient. Oil States is aware of the needs of the consumer, so they have designed a full selection of pneumatic clutches that take advantage of compressed air to transfer energy.

Oil States Quality

Pneumatic clutches are inherently more efficient than mechanical clutches because of the built in torque limiters that inhibit variance only five percent, whereas the mechanical clutch limiters are closer to ten percent, which is a significant difference. When used in industrial applications, pneumatic clutches offer a measurable boost in efficiency, speed, and flexibility. Since Oil States saw the industrial marketplace needed a source of pneumatic clutches, they engineered a new line of the devices, perfecting them over the years. K&L Clutch knows that Oil States replacement parts will outperform many of the competitors products, which is why we offer an expansive line of Oil States parts.

Oil States Selection

Oil States produces an extensive line of pneumatic clutches and other products, and many of those products are available through K&L Clutch. A brief list of the pneumatic clutches that we carry includes:

  • 10A300-11A1 ELEM ASSY SF, SD, W/1 S/C
  • 14A400-11A1 ELEM ASSY SF,SD,W/1 S/C
  • 14A400-11AA ELEM ASSY SF,SD,W/1 S/C ““ HICO
  • 18A500-22D1 ELEM ASSY DF,DD,W1 QRV
  • 20A500-21A1 ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
  • 24A500-21A1 ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
  • 26A525-21D1 ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 QRV
  • 28A525-21A1 ELEM ASSY DF,SD,W/1 S/C
  • 40A525-21D1 ELEM ASSY DF,SD, W/1 QRV

This list comprises only a small portion of the available Oil States pneumatic clutches, so if you don’t see the item you need, you can contact K&L Clutch here and our dedicated staff will help you search our inventory for the perfect part. The professional team at K&L will also provide installation, repairs, and support after the sale. All your industrial machining needs can be met by K&L Clutch.