What is Basic Maintenance for Heavy Machinery?

Qualities to Look for in a Heavy Machine Repair Company?

A quality heavy machine repair company has certain assets you need to look for before hiring them to do your repairs. The first thing is a company such as K & L Clutch who is seasoned, meaning it is highly experienced and has been repairing heavy machinery for several many years.

A quality heavy machine repair company offer services not just across the United States but globally. The parts used must be of high quality and brands that are known and trusted by all corporations.

Heavy Machinery

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What are the Types of Road Paving Machines Are Used to Build a Paved Road?

Sep 2, 19 • Maintenance, Operation and SafetyComments Off on What are the Types of Road Paving Machines Are Used to Build a Paved Road?

When it comes to owning a business, you need to have everything in order inside and out. The outside of your property is the first impression your customers will have of you and your business. Keeping the outside of the business in order consists of landscaping and the parking lot. What can happen to your business when your parking lot is not in the best of shape? Several companies use various machines to create the best asphalt parking lot for your business. Read on to find out what these machines are and what they do. If you have a paving company and are in need of service and repair please consider contacting K&L Clutch for all your repair, parts and maintenance needs.

paving equipment

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What are the Common Mining Machines that are Used in Mining?

Aug 17, 19 • MaintenanceComments Off on What are the Common Mining Machines that are Used in Mining?

Many countries around the world benefit directly from the mining industry. This industry enables the extraction of the resources that can be found on the surface of the Earth, or underneath it. Iron, copper, quartz, cement, coal, gold, silver, natural gas, and petroleum are some of the most common items that the humans mine. The mining industry offers a lot of opportunities to those who wanted to enter the industry. Geologists and mining engineers are the professions that benefit most from the industry, and they study for several years to understand the most common procedures required to mine ores. Mining companies, on the other hand, are investing heavily to purchase the most powerful tools that are used in the field. Over time, the heavy equipment and mining machines used in the industry becomes susceptible to wear and tear. K&L Clutch is a company dedicated to providing the best services to repair heavy equipment that has been subjected to excessive wear and tear.

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What is the Importance of a Power Take Off?

Jul 20, 19 • Power Take OffsComments Off on What is the Importance of a Power Take Off?

Before we can begin on the importance of a power take off (PTO), you should first understand what it actually is. This is a piece of equipment that transfers the mechanical power of the engine over to another part of the equipment. Trucks have many different parts in them, and some of the things found in a truck aren’t found in a car. One of the things that a car doesn’t have is known as the PTO.

Power Take Off

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What is the Difference Between a Condenser and a Heat Exchanger

May 25, 19 • Heat ExchangersComments Off on What is the Difference Between a Condenser and a Heat Exchanger

Water-cooled brakes also know as WCB is when the brakes are air actuated and then it is cooled by a constant flow of water from a cooling system with an open or closed loop cooling system. The air tube design does not require any kind of special coating or treatments and it is corrosion resistant as well.

Young Heat Exchanger

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How Do You Drain a Torque Converter?

May 10, 19 • Torque FluidComments Off on How Do You Drain a Torque Converter?

Step by Step Directions to Drain a Torque Converter.

Since a Torque Converter, (T-Converter) is your transmission’s number one assistant, a well cared for T-Converter makes for a happy transmission. A misbehaving T-Converter can cause transmission slippage, stalling, strange noises and much more serious damage to the vehicle’s transmission. Over time, debris from disintegrating internal moving parts can contaminate the transmission oil and prevent the T-Converter from working effectively, thereby causing transmission damage. Taking the extra step to include a good flush of the T-Converter is a good idea since it is not normally included in a standard transmission oil change. A T-Converter’s purpose is to assist the vehicle’s automatic transmission to perform well and provide a smooth and carefree shifting experience between gears. A flush of the T-Converter can be a quick and easy process, however certain vehicle models can present some challenges. It all depends on the type of connections on the vehicle’s transmission oil connector lines.

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What Equipment is Needed for Mining?

Apr 23, 19 • Cranes, TransmissionComments Off on What Equipment is Needed for Mining?


Mining equipment has been modernized over the last few years, and mining companies must be careful to purchase the right gear and parts for each job. Drillers and excavators are still needed to get the work done, but companies also need hand tools that work in the lowest parts of a mine, the parts to maintain these machines, and the extras that are required to keep the miners safe. Look below at what you need to do to buy the right mining equipment so that your operation runs smoothly.

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What is a Torque Converter and How Does It Work?

Apr 10, 19 • News, Torque Converters, Torque FluidComments Off on What is a Torque Converter and How Does It Work?

It is worth noting that not long ago, in 1902, the year, the design for the automatic transmission torque converter appeared. Nearly nothing has changed during this time, all the basics and features are included in modern models.

Initially, these converters were installed exclusively on buses. Only a few decades later, manufacturers started to include it in passenger vehicles. And this is not surprising because the part allows you to convert and transfer the moment from the engine to the installed automatic transmission very well. The driver can also change the torque and speed. Initially, this innovation began to be installed on the Ford car. Popularity has increased significantly after a few years.

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Apr 2, 19 • NewsComments Off on BLOWOUT SALE

“Blow-out Sale ” for these PTO assys

APRIL 2, 2019


Item List
Item Number Description Vendor No TotalQtyOnHand StdPrice
REM23721 SL111 1 1,432.08
REM32370 SL111P303 ORG/BRZ 1 3,361.00
REM33029 SL111P301 2 3,361.00
REM35092 SP214C003 ORG/BRZ 1 1,206.92
REM35104 SP314P101 ORG/BRZ/307 1 4,797.00
REM35105 SP314C001 ORG/BRZ 2 1,522.50
REM35126 SP211P201 2 2,151.78
REM35131 SP114P101 – F8 K&L 1 2,424.75
REM35679 SP211P301 1 2,127.81
REM4-10815 1-14  CLUTCH ASSY 1 1,205.03
REM4-10838 2-14  CLUTCH ASSY 1 1,633.29
REM4-10945 2-11 CLUTCH ASSY ORG 1 966.65
REM4-11054 111#1 BOTH DET PTO ORG/NA 2 2,034.00
REM4-14691 1-14  CLUTCH ASSY 1 1,544.31
REM4-18592 218#1/2 I/L PTO ORG 2 11,404.00
REM4-19062 211#2 I/L PTO ORG/306 1 2,774.00
REM4-23406 214#1 I/L DET PTO ORG 1 3,853.00
REM4-30835 108#3 BOTH PTO ORG 1 2,532.00
REM4-32811 214#1 I/L BROS PTO MET/BRZ 1 5,819.00
REM4-37327AM PTO ASSY HE2-11 BB COLLAR 1 2,294.00
REM4-37405 1-08  CLUTCH ASSY 1 570
REMSP211P312 SP211P312 ORG/BRZ/306 – F8 1 2,170.00
REMSP214P139 P T O ASSY-F8 1 4,500.00

What is the Difference Between Articulating Boom and a Telescopic Boom?

Mar 12, 19 • CranesComments Off on What is the Difference Between Articulating Boom and a Telescopic Boom?

There are two primary types of boom lifts on the market today: articulating and boom. Both are valuable additions to a work site that make it easier to get the job done. However, there are differences between the two types of boom lifts that make them better suited for specific uses. If you’re trying to decide which one is best for your work site, here’s what you need to know.

Articulating Boom Lift

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