Top 3 Industrial Applications of Marine Clutches

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Marine Clutches

Have you ever asked yourself how marine crafts survive long cruises across oceans and seas? The marine environment is hazardous. All processes to go through smoothly, ensure that safety goes first by having quality clutches from one of the best manufacturing companies installed in your marine vessels and anchor spots. Because marine watercraft sail long distances, excellent performing industrial clutches should be used to prevent accidents or miss-functions.

Additionally, were committed to maintaining innovativeness to supply advanced industrial clutches to the market. The marine setting should be armed with the best and highly functioning clutches to provide complete services and safety during operations. It is essential to have some expert personnel check the clutches frequently to avoid any delays and losses. These clutches are manufactured to meet requirements for industrial marine applications.

Looking Into Industrial Marine Applications

1. Dredge Pumps

Highly advanced dredge pumps are essential to a complete marine environment. The pumps are delivered in various materials and are responsible for pumping low reliable content excess water. They also have impellers that manage applications that run drives directly. Furthermore, thanks to their sizable suction, these pumps excavate sand, crushed ore, and gravel from the ground. As one of the most critical marine clutches, dredge pumps have mounted structures like ladders that ease the mining operations and have strong walls to extend their life service.

2. Fire Pumps

As one of the most important marine clutches, this pump comes in handy as a defensive measure against fire accidents. Imagine working in an area with no preparedness for fires. An accident can always happen, and you never know where it finds you. These fire pumps play an essential role in this environment by taking care of such occurrences. The pumps are capable of putting off large fires to save lives and property. As an industrial company, your priority is to ensure the use of quality fire pumps that will maintain an excellent performance during firefighting moments. That’s why we make our pumps with leading materials that will sustain severe pressure during the process.

3. Propeller Shafts

Propeller shafts transmit power by converting rotational motion into thrust. Without propeller shafts, water vessels won’t be able to sail back or forward. To make this product ideal for its function, we use copper alloy to make it resistant to rusting. Our manufacturers develop a propeller shaft with excellent properties that enhance high speed. Also, as one of the critical parts of a watercraft, we ensure that shafts are manufactured with high power applications for smaller shafts whose diameters can go underwater on a small amount of power.


With so many manufacturing companies rising to ensure that the marine environment’s needs are taken care of, the industry is expected to grow to a greater level in the future courtesy of some of the industrial marine applications that have been outlined in this article. As long as companies like K&L Clutch produce the most innovative products to the market, you can be confident that your industrial business will flow smoothly, leading to high production rates, high income, and safety.

Top 5 Benefits of Industrial Air Clutches

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Benefits of Industrial air clutches

Twin Disc Clutch

An industrial air clutch is a plate connected to a drive shaft of power machinery, and when engaged, it uses compressed air to slow down or stop the engine by disengaging it from what is driven. The industrial air clutch uses air instead of hydraulics or centrifugal forces to stop heavy machines.

There are several industrial air clutch designs in the market, but the most effective one in an industrial setting is the pneumatic air clutch. The pneumatic air clutch is a powerful industrial tool and has a wide range of machines that work perfectly. These clutches provide a simple torque adjustment and control function, making it suitable for stopping heavy machinery with minimal effort and friction.

Industrial clutch manufacturers know that heavy operating machinery and stopping them generate a lot of friction and heat, so they designed the air clutch to use water as a cooling agent. Water is used to cool off the braking components rapidly. Water-cooled breaks use either a closed jacket loop or an open flow system where water is continuously pumped over the brake clutches to cool it down as operations take place.

If you are looking to get an industrial air clutch that uses water as a coolant medium for your cold company’s cold storage needs, here are some of the benefits why you should get a pneumatic air clutch.

Faster response time

The pneumatic brake offers better energy transmission from the clutch pad to the shaft, hence better energy distribution and stoppage time. When applied, it disengages the plate from the transmission using air pressure to pull it back from the transmission, thus stopping the machine. When the pneumatic clutches are released, the air is released, and the clutch plate reengages with the transmission. Then the machine starts to move again.

Effective heat release

Industrial clutch manufacturers designed the pneumatic clutch to have the best heat dissipation mechanism. It releases heat in two ways; continuous slip and torque stability. Continuous slip is when the disk plate continuously disengages with the transmission units, releasing the heat built up during rotation and friction. And torque stability, where pneumatics offer better torque limiters hence proving more power, makes for better response time.

Air clutches are safe

Industrial air clutches are one of the safest brake clutches in the market; this is because they do not have anything electrical in their systems, reducing the chances of generating a spark that can cause a fire or injury to the operator. Water cooling also acts as an insulator for the parts and reduces wear and tear during operations.

They are fast

Air brakes are about 20% faster than electromagnetic brakes and clutches because they have a better torque, making them more powerful and efficient. The smooth operations of the air clutch help to speed up the stopping and re-engagement operation. They are also easier to use than other clutch and brake systems.

They are durable

These industrial air clutches have one of the most effective designs. They are easy to perform routine maintenance activities, have a great heat release mechanism, and are made of a thick disk that is resistant to wear and tear. These machines are easy to install and an excellent replacement for the old friction plates in old heavy-duty machines.

If you are looking for an upgrade for your company’s machine braking system, or need a new system for a new machine, then a pneumatic air clutch from K&L Clutch is the solution. They will offer the best service for the longest time and are easy to install and operate. Industrial air clutches with water cooling functions are the safest and most efficient heat removers; thus, you will never have to worry about sparks or overheating.

For more helpful information regarding industrial clutches, please contact our team at K&L Clutch today!

Why Choose Allison Transmission Torque Converters

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K&L Clutch is proud to carry Allison Transmission products, parts, and service options. But, what makes Allison Transmission such a quality, reliable brand?

About Allison Transmission

When Mr. Allison launched the Allison brand, he may never have foreseen its future. Inevitably, evolution has spearheaded the need for vehicle engineers and manufacturers who can design automated heavy-duty transmissions. Presently, Allison transmission is a renowned manufacturer of hybrid propulsion systems for both heavy-duty and medium-duty engines, especially with the latest technology innovations.

The company has been a leading commercial trucking brand with an established reputation of more than six decades. Lately, there has been an increased demand for natural gas, necessitating reliable fleet operators. If you are looking for a brand with savvy operations, here are reasons why you should consider Allison torque converters over other manufacturer brands.

They are reliable

One of the reasons Allison has an unmatched reputation is its reliability and availability in the market. The Allison parts have been designed with a longer life span compared to competitor brands. Perhaps this could be the reason why operating the Allison automated vehicles is inexpensive.

If you want to have your work done effectively and reliably, you wouldn’t think twice about Allison torque converters. The automated horsepower gets to the wheels effectively throughout the duty cycle process. By this, you are bound to experience maximum productivity while making the operation cost less costly.

Besides, maintaining and operating these engines can be done at a low cost. Mainly, the dry clutch provision has been replaced with Allison torque converters, reducing maintenance costs. With this advantage, you can rely on Allison for your engine provisions.

It is economical

Fuel consumption is a significant concern when shopping for a vehicle engine. Fortunately, Allison’s automated engine provisions enable you to cover a considerable distance with low fuel consumption. Notably, you can experience an exceptional experience when operating your engine on the best duty-cycle speeds.

The power shift feature provides smooth and seamless operations. The automated features, such as Allison’s continuous power technology, also make the engine operate seamlessly. Besides, the assembling of Allison parts is designed to integrate between manual and automatic operations.

Furthermore, it is not a must that clients get regular maintenance services for their engines. Allison’s prognostics feature provisions help monitor the filter life, oil life, and establish the transmission health. With this, you can spend time on being productive instead of regular checks, hence, cost-effective.

Significant performance and productivity

The design of Allison torque converter ensures that clients experience exceptional performance. The full power shifts aids performance, allowing clients to cover a long distance in a little time. With a unique performance, productivity is an efficient assurance.

Because of the full power shifts, the natural gas engine slows the time required in operating a torque engine, implying that you must operate the engine at a higher speed. As a result, an operator is likely to experience high performance.

Exceptional starting experience

The Allison torque converter helps start the engine. This advantage has been aided by the presence of continuous power technology that enables automatic operations. The impressive feature of this provision is that you can operate your engine effortlessly.

Excellent braking system

Unlike natural gas engines, Allison’s braking system is impressive. The retarder provision on Allison’s engines aids the performance of the brakes. By this provision, you experience safety precisely because of the ease of maneuvering the engine.

The torque converter technology

The latest Allison’s designs incorporate the torque converter technology. This technology aids the engine’s efficiency and reliability during operations. Its sophistication and design you can get unmatched and impressive service.

Exceptionally, this innovation aids performance, reliability, effectiveness, and effectiveness. By this, the engine downsizing option is enhanced, giving you an impressive experience. With these remarkable features, you will want to try Allison Transmission.

Impressively, the Allison manufacturer company is a viable alternative when contemplating innovative and automatic engine operations. Consequently, clients get reliable, exceptional, and seamless services. Besides, cost-effectiveness, excellent performance, and client-safety features are assured, making the Allison brand an automatic choice.

Where can you find Allison torque parts?

If you are contemplating where to find these parts, look no further! K&L Clutch is proud to provide Allison Transmission torque converters, parts, and repair service. We offer both new and re-manufactured mechanical parts and clutching systems.

Whether you are looking for a replacement, additional components, or repair, K&L Clutch is here! 

Common Signs of Torque Converter Problems

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The torque converter is the part of your machine that controls how much fluid is passed on to the transmission. It also allows your engine to continue to run while completely stopped. If this specific component of the machine happens to malfunction, it can cause strange behavior such as slipping. The difficult part is trying to diagnose what the exact cause of the torque converter malfunctioning is. There can be many causes for problems with torque converters.

It can be difficult to separate an issue with the transmission from problems with torque converters. Yet, there are some signs you should be aware of that can help you pinpoint what the issue is, whether that issue be with the transmission or the torque converter. Slipping, overheating, dirty fluid, shuddering, high stall speeds, and strange noises are all signs that point to a non-working torque converter. Most of the time, the torque converter will not be at the root cause of the issue you are facing, so be sure to get your transmission checked out by a professional before jumping to conclusions.

Here is some more information on the signs you should look for when a faulty torque converter is at play:

1) Overheating
If you check your temperature gauge and it seems to be overheating, then chances are, your torque converter isn’t working properly. This is the most common symptom of a malfunctioning torque converter, because if the fluid pressure drops, the transmission itself will begin to overheat. However, before you decide that the issue is with the torque converter, make sure that the problem isn’t due to other issues, such as low fluid levels or an issue with solenoid.

2) Gear Slipping
Problems with torque converters tend to show up rather quickly, since the fluid it manages is no longer being managed in a competent fashion. If there isn’t an appropriate amount of fluid being passed on to the transmission, the gears may slip, resulting in a lack of acceleration. If the fuel economy in your machinery drops, inefficient fluid may actually be the source of the issue, rather than a problem with the torque converter, so check your fluids first if any slipping with the transmission occurs.

3) Feels bumpy
When the machinery you are using feels as though it is shuddering, the problem may be the torque converter. Since the shuddering happens randomly, without rhyme or reason, you should get your transmission checked out as soon as you can. Since the shuddering issue occurs at random, you will not want to wait until it reoccurs.

4) Fluid Contamination
Another issue that points to torque converter problems is contamination in the fluid. If, when you check the fluid, you find thick clumps of dark material, either the clutches of the torque converter is damaged, or there is an issue with the transmission. Perform a fluid change before you assume the problem is the torque converter. Then, try and run the machinery for a while, and check back on it later.

5) Slow Engagement
With a ruined torque converter, the transmission will take longer than usual to engage the engine. This slow engagement results in higher stall speeds. Check you engine’s stall speed specifications, then perform a stall speed test based on the specifications listed, in order to diagnose for any torque converter issues.

6) Strange Sounds
Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, are strange or foreign sounds. Weird noises like revving or clicking may indicate a problem with the torque converter.

Using machinery with a bad torque converter is extremely dangerous, and doing so exacerbates the symptoms listed above. Once you have identified that the torque converter is the problem, you will need to get it replaced by professionals. This particular piece of the machinery is delicate and complicated. Therefore, it should not be fixed by the average person. Otherwise, more damage to the equipment could occur.

Luckily, we have a large selection of torque converters for you to choose from that is ready to be immediately dispatched at an affordable rate. If you are currently experiencing torque converter problems, we offer a rapid turnaround on the necessary replacement parts for your equipment.

Contact us today and let us find out how we can serve you!

How To Test A Torque Converter

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The heavy duty machines that are used for industrial or construction purposes need proper maintenance and repair. Industrial torque converter problems can come from a number of things. 

List of common industrial torque converter problems: 

– Not Properly Installed

– May start to Overheat

– Blades could start to deform

Reasons why these problems exist & how to test a torque converter for these common issues:

  1. Torque Converter Installation Problems: It is always better to have a new torque converter professionally cleaned after any kind of new cooler lines or radiator installation. This is very important because you want to ensure that any contamination has been wiped cleaned and completely out of the system. You don’t want any failure from the old debris to be ingested because this can cause you to have to pay more money and it can be expensive.
  2. Overheating: Overheating is very common for industrial machinery since it’s caused when the machines are used constantly. There are several factors that can contribute to overheating that you will want to test and confirm. For example, unexpectedly low fluid pressure or even the air pressure levels in the system can correlate with overheating. The pump can and will fail due to clogged filters, over-worn suction lines could begin to crack, or there could be an issue with the charging pump. Improper fluid circulation, damaged seals, or broken gaskets can all be related to the torque converter overheating so testing for those issues can help you prevent and solve overheating issues.
  3. Damaged Blades: Torque converter blades can break into small pieces if too much heat is exposed to them. This can be expensive to repair, however it’s always better to catch a problem before it gets worse. Otherwise, a problem that could start off by just needing a repair could turn into a problem that needs a full rebuild, for example, if the problem is allowed to continue over time and the turbine blades start pulling away from the hubs.

Properly testing and maintaining your machine’s torque converter is crucial to ensure proper long-term maintenance. If you need help, replacement parts, or repair services, give our experts at K&L Clutch a call today!

What is Basic Maintenance for Heavy Machinery?

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Qualities to Look for in a Heavy Machine Repair Company?

A quality heavy machine repair company has certain assets you need to look for before hiring them to do your repairs. The first thing is a company such as K & L Clutch who is seasoned, meaning it is highly experienced and has been repairing heavy machinery for several many years.

A quality heavy machine repair company offer services not just across the United States but globally. The parts used must be of high quality and brands that are known and trusted by all corporations.

Heavy Machinery

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What are the Types of Road Paving Machines Are Used to Build a Paved Road?

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When it comes to owning a business, you need to have everything in order inside and out. The outside of your property is the first impression your customers will have of you and your business. Keeping the outside of the business in order consists of landscaping and the parking lot. What can happen to your business when your parking lot is not in the best of shape? Several companies use various machines to create the best asphalt parking lot for your business. Read on to find out what these machines are and what they do. If you have a paving company and are in need of service and repair please consider contacting K&L Clutch for all your repair, parts and maintenance needs.

paving equipment

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What are the Common Mining Machines that are Used in Mining?

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Many countries around the world benefit directly from the mining industry. This industry enables the extraction of the resources that can be found on the surface of the Earth, or underneath it. Iron, copper, quartz, cement, coal, gold, silver, natural gas, and petroleum are some of the most common items that the humans mine. The mining industry offers a lot of opportunities to those who wanted to enter the industry. Geologists and mining engineers are the professions that benefit most from the industry, and they study for several years to understand the most common procedures required to mine ores. Mining companies, on the other hand, are investing heavily to purchase the most powerful tools that are used in the field. Over time, the heavy equipment and mining machines used in the industry becomes susceptible to wear and tear. K&L Clutch is a company dedicated to providing the best services to repair heavy equipment that has been subjected to excessive wear and tear.

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What is the Importance of a Power Take Off?

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Before we can begin on the importance of a power take off (PTO), you should first understand what it actually is. This is a piece of equipment that transfers the mechanical power of the engine over to another part of the equipment. Trucks have many different parts in them, and some of the things found in a truck aren’t found in a car. One of the things that a car doesn’t have is known as the PTO.

Power Take Off

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What is the Difference Between a Condenser and a Heat Exchanger

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Water-cooled brakes also know as WCB is when the brakes are air actuated and then it is cooled by a constant flow of water from a cooling system with an open or closed loop cooling system. The air tube design does not require any kind of special coating or treatments and it is corrosion resistant as well.

Young Heat Exchanger

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