Clark Service and Repair

Clark Parts and EquipmentClark is a brand name that is synonymous with premium quality. Their line of torque converters provides efficient, smooth operation without sacrificing strength. The versatile, dependable parts made by Clark are utilized in a variety of heavy-duty applications. These parts are able to withstand the strain of even the toughest jobs, so you can be sure to experience fewer delays and more overall efficiency. K&L Clutch knows the value of dependability, which is why we include Clark torque converters, and other amazing Clark components, in our impressive inventory of products. We also provide Clark transmission repair services, as well as comprehensive diagnoses, installations, and rebuilds.

Clark Premium Torque Converters

All Clark components are designed for industrial applications, and they can handle some incredible tasks. Clark torque converters provide smooth performance, optimal horsepower, and lower fuel usage than many of their competitors.

Torque converters are essentially nothing more than hydrodynamic fluid couplers used to transfer kinetic energy from a source to a load. They are primarily used in situations where output torque needs to be stepped up from the input torque. Industrial engines are only fully automatic with the inclusion of a torque converter, so it’s vital that heavy-duty machines take advantage of the most powerful, effective converters available to them. K&L employs a full staff of trained professionals who can offer repairs and general maintenance services for all Clark components, including their torque converters. Our inventory is also fully stocked with a plethora of Clark components.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Delays and breakdowns are perhaps the most costly aspect of industrial work, and oftentimes even the slightest hiccup can mean weeks or even months of waiting. By adding regular maintenance to your machine’s routine, you can prevent these situations before they occur.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid the deterioration of something that receives as much strain as an industrial machine, but with proper care and foresight major problems can easily be avoided. K&L Clutch is proud to offer repair services for all Clark components, whether it be a routine inspection, a major rebuild, or a replacement.

A Brief Inventory List

K&L Clutch carries a full selection of Clark torque converters and other parts. We’ve listed a few of the available components below, but this list is a mere sample of what we offer.

  • 18-17CK
  • 27254
  • 273-5.219
  • 36-17CK
  • 43-16.1AKOCB
  • 52-16.1AKOCP

If you have any questions about the full range of Clark services we provide, or you wish to inquire about our inventory, please contact us here. The friendly team at K&L will be glad to answer all your questions, help set up a consultation, or simply guide you in the right direction.