Twin Disc Clutch

Twin Disc Clutch from K&L Clutch and TransmissionTwin Disc is one of the industry leaders in heavy machinery component manufacturing. K&L Clutch & Transmission is proud to provide, repair and install Twin Disc Clutches.

Air Clutch

Twin Disc PO Air Clutches are designed to give the user maximum dependability and lowest possible installation and operating costs. They are used extensively by manufacturers of drilling rigs, draw works, rock crushers, tractor winches, pipe-extruding machines, machine tools, pug mills and other industrial equipment. Twin Disc truly produce a clutch to rival any other manufacturer in the industry.


The following is a partial list of Twin Disc Clutches that K & L Clutch provides parts for, repairs and installs:

  • PO114C012 – PO114 AIR CLUTCH
  • 33711 – PO108 AIR CLUTCH
  • 27339 – PO210C001 AIR CLUTCH
  • PO211C003 – PO211C003 AIR CLUTCH
  • PO214C013 – PO214 AIR CLUTCH
  • PO214C011 – PO214 BLANK BORE
  • 28351 – PO218C002 AIR CLUTCH
  • 30198 – PO224 AIR CLUTCH
  • 30080 – PO230 AIR CLUTCH
  • 37892 – PO230 AIR CLUTCH
  • PO314C009 – PO314C009 AIR CLUTCH
  • PO314C011 – PO314C011 AIR CLUTCH
  • 27973 – PO318 AIR CLUTCH
  • 27765 – PO318C002 AIR CLUTCH
  • 28065 – PO318C003 AIR CLUTCH
  • 29626 – PO318C004 AIR CLUTCH
  • PO324C001 – PO324 BLANK BORE
  • 30151 – PO336 AIR CLUTCH
  • PO31SC002 – PO318 S.B. AIR CLUTCH
  • PO318S003 – PO318 S.B. AIR CLUTCH

If you have any questions regarding Twin Disc Clutches, or any of our products, please feel free to contact us to order a product or for more information!

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