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Overview of the Road Building Industry

With over $50 billion in annual revenue and an employment of over 185,000 workers, the road building industry is an incredibly important industry in the United States. The road and highway construction industry includes businesses that construct and repair highways, streets, airport runways and roadways. This industry also includes special trade contractors and construction management firms and is a critical industry in our country, experiencing an annual grown of 2.8% from 2008 ““ 2013.

K&L Clutch and Transmission Serves the Road Building Industry

K & L Clutch and Transmission offers a vast array of industry specific services, air clutch and transmission for road building equipment for this economically vital industry. Since 1983, K & L Clutch and Transmission has been proud to provide clutch and transmission parts and items for the road building industry.

Machines in the Road Building Industry


Pavers, also referred to as asphalt finishers or paving machines, are used to spread asphalt on parking lots, bridges, roads and other similar places. Pavers ay the asphalt flat with minor compaction before a roller is used to compact the asphalt as tight as possible.


A roller, sometimes called a road roller, is considered a compactor that road industry type vehicles use to compact asphalt, gravel or concrete during the construction of foundations and roads. It’s not uncommon for rollers to also be known as steam rollers, even if they no longer use steam for propulsion.


Scrapers (also known as cold planers, pavement planers or asphalt milling machines) are heavy equipment machines used in the road industry to remove bituminous pavement from streets and roadways to create a rough but even surface. Once this texturized surface is created, traffic can immediately drive over it.

Asphalt Reclaimers

Asphalt reclaimers are used to pulverize the layer of asphalt and combine it with an underlying base for the creation of a stabilized deteriorated roadway. Reclaimers are able to add binding agents and asphalt emulsions during the pulverization process.


Asphalt profiler machines are used to dig up and mill asphalt roadways with the goal of providing paved surfaces that are literally perfect in smoothness and leveling. These heavy duty machines eliminate damaged layers, providing a surface free of potholes, divots and bumps.

Slip Form Pavers

Slip form pavers are used for consolidation, screeding and initial finishing. These machines are self-propelled, track-mounted and operate at 1 to 2.5 m/minute speeds. Some types of slip form pavers are able to place reinforcing steel and tie rods if needed.


Cranes are used for heavy lifting and are typically equipped with chains, sheaves, hoists and wire ropes. In the road and building industry, cranes are used to move asphalt, debris or simply loading and unloading materials.

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