Clark-Hurth Components


K&L Clutch proudly carries pneumatic or air clutches from the always dependable Clark-Hurth brand, which includes their line of clutches and other quality pneumatic clutches.

Clark-Hurth is a company that has years of experience in industrial manufacturing with a firm dedication to quality. Any customer that decides to purchase a Clark-Hurth transmission part knows that they can rely completely on the component. K&L is aware of this companies excellence and that is why we offer their line of pneumatic clutches.

WHY CHOOSE Clark-Hurth Transmission Parts?

First of all, what makes pneumatic clutches more effective than mechanical clutches? Mechanical clutches possess torque limiters that fluctuate around 10%, where pneumatic clutches limit torque variance to lower than 5%. Because of the difference between torque limiters, pneumatic clutches can provide better speed and flexibility, even in larger machines, than mechanical clutches. What sets Clark-Hurth apart from their competitors is their ability to comprehend the needs of their market and react by improving their manufactured components, exceeding industry standards.