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Rockford Brand Products, Parts and Repair Service

This historic brand is being honored and continued by Twin Disc Rockford, allowing consumers access to the original Rockford Power Take Off and Rockford Clutch.

The Rockford Power Take Off uses a heavy-duty, over-center gear-tooth clutch. It's ability to remain engaged or disengaged, based on whatever mode the operator places it in allows for easy operation. A Rockford PTO will work with any internal combustion engines that meet S.A.E. standards.

Twin Disc Rockford produces these parts to work in a variety of situations.


Rockford Spread Bearing PTOs are specifically designed for large horsepower, high side-load, heavy duty applications, such as waste recycling equipment and rock crushers.

Rockford Small Engine PTOs are designed for gasoline and diesel engines with a shaft output that requires disconnect clutches.

Rockford Spring-Loaded PTOs use a spring-loaded clutch rather than an over-center type.  The spring-loaded clutch compensates for normal wear reducing maintenance costs in applications with a high frequency of clutch engagements.

The Rockford Clutch and PTO are great choices for whatever your need may be. We are proud to offer them to you when you need them.