What are the Common Mining Machines that are Used in Mining?

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Many countries around the world benefit directly from the mining industry. This industry enables the extraction of the resources that can be found on the surface of the Earth, or underneath it. Iron, copper, quartz, cement, coal, gold, silver, natural gas, and petroleum are some of the most common items that the humans mine. The mining industry offers a lot of opportunities to those who wanted to enter the industry. Geologists and mining engineers are the professions that benefit most from the industry, and they study for several years to understand the most common procedures required to mine ores. Mining companies, on the other hand, are investing heavily to purchase the most powerful tools that are used in the field. Over time, the heavy equipment and mining machines used in the industry becomes susceptible to wear and tear. K&L Clutch is a company dedicated to providing the best services to repair heavy equipment that has been subjected to excessive wear and tear.

What are the equipment pieces that are most commonly used in the mining industry?

Hand Tools
These are the most common tools that you can find in the mining field. Small scale miners are the ones using these tools more often because it can be carried around without any problems. Sample picks, pickaxes, and shovels are the most common hand tools that are used excessively in the mining field. People who are carrying these tools are using it to dig deep into the earth, and when they found precious minerals or ores lying on the ground, they are using the pickaxes to remove it. Hand tools are also the cheapest items on this list because it can be purchased readily inside hardware or any department stores across the country.

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Mining Drills
Mining drills are used to reach ores that are deposited on the lowest part of the ground. The most precious ores require heat and pressure to reach a higher grade, and it can only be done if these ores are deposited several meters underneath the surface of the earth. Using mining drills will enable the miners to reach for these places, and extract the minerals that are caught in the drill. Drilling is an expensive procedure, and each drilling process would require the mining company to spend a lot of money. However, the returns are great because even the most precious ores can be extracted using this tool.

Blasting Tools
Blasting tools are used commonly in a quarry. Limestone, quartz, cement, and other precious rocks can be mined through blasting. This is a dangerous procedure, and the miners who are working in a blasting site should be extremely cautious. When the mining company decides to conduct a blasting activity, dynamites and other types of explosives will be strategically placed on a host rock, and all workers should stay in a safe distance away from the blasting site. The power emitted by the explosion is enough to knock even the sturdiest rocks out of place, and it can be collected later on after the field has been cleared.

Earth Movers
Earth movers are heavy equipment designed to transport earth. Open-pit mines and surface mines use earth movers more frequently compared to other types of mines. Open-pit mining means that the earth on the surface should be removed to reach the precious minerals underneath. Earth movers will dig deep into the ground, removing the earth in the process, which will be transported later on. The earth removed by the Earth movers can also host minerals like nickel, and can be sold at a higher price. This practice can effectively strip all of the minerals on the surface of a mining field, but environmentalists are calling to end this practice because of its disastrous side effect to the ecosystem.

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Crushing Equipment
Crushing equipment is used to crush rocks into smaller pieces. This equipment is used mostly in companies that produce cement. After quarrying for huge chunks of limestones, the rocks will be delivered to the crushing site, and the crushing equipment will grind the rocks to its smallest size. The crushing equipment should have excessive power to enable its crushing abilities. The crushing power from the equipment can turn even the sturdiest rock into powder.

Feeding Equipment and Conveying Equipment
This equipment will “feed” the ores, rocks, and minerals into a different machine for further processing. It is working hand in hand with the conveying equipment, which helps transport the materials to other equipment or machines inside the processing center.

Maintenance of the Mining Equipment through K&L Clutch
Mining companies should always schedule maintenance services for their heavy equipment, and K&L Clutch is one of the most recommended companies that can provide the services. The company operates on a global scale, with more than three decades of experience. The company is also home to quality brands and affordable products. They also provide on-site service anywhere in the world, which is very applicable to mining operators that can be located in remote areas.

Mining companies can start contacting K&L Clutch through their phone number or their contact form if they wanted to receive maintenance services for their mining machines immediately.

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