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Drilling Rig Parts and Repairs

Jan 29, 18 • Air Clutches, Air Compressors, Clutches, Industrial Mechanical Parts, Industrial Product Service, News, Torque Converters, TransmissionComments Off on Drilling Rig Parts and Repairs

drilling rig parts repairs by KL Clutch

Drilling rigs provide an invaluable service for companies that need to dig deep, with the convergence of drilling rig components and parts working together to do their job.

However, the reality of this situation is that the rigorous work being performed will likely hasten the onset of drilling rig repairs at some point.
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Quincy Air Compressor Surplus

Nov 9, 16 • Air Compressors, NewsComments Off on Quincy Air Compressor Surplus

As a distributor of Quincy air compressors and parts, from time to time we accumulate surplus items, such as flywheels.

We have 2 Quincy air compressor flywheels for $450 each. These are NEW TAKE-OFFs. Part number 110523 is a 19.5″ flywheel that has 4 belt grooves and will fit 350 and 270 compressors.


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Quincy 350 Air Compressors: The Basics

Jan 5, 11 • Air Compressors1 Comment
Quincy 350 Air Compressors | Best Industrial Air Compressors

Quincy 350 Air Compressor

Mobile. Tough. Reliable. That’s what most of our clients need from their air compressors, and, at K&L Clutch, that’s what we’re eager to provide.

From our base in the the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we proudly provide the Quincy QRNG 350 air compressor, which features an air-cooled, two-stage, two-cylinder, pressure-lubricated compressor and a long, long history of top-of-the-line performance and lifespan. Read Full Article →