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Why Choose Allison Transmission Torque Converters

Jul 31, 20 • Torque Converters, TransmissionComments Off on Why Choose Allison Transmission Torque Converters

K&L Clutch is proud to carry Allison Transmission products, parts, and service options. But, what makes Allison Transmission such a quality, reliable brand?

About Allison Transmission

When Mr. Allison launched the Allison brand, he may never have foreseen its future. Inevitably, evolution has spearheaded the need for vehicle engineers and manufacturers who can design automated heavy-duty transmissions. Presently, Allison transmission is a renowned manufacturer of hybrid propulsion systems for both heavy-duty and medium-duty engines, especially with the latest technology innovations.

The company has been a leading commercial trucking brand with an established reputation of more than six decades. Lately, there has been an increased demand for natural gas, necessitating reliable fleet operators. If you are looking for a brand with savvy operations, here are reasons why you should consider Allison torque converters over other manufacturer brands.

They are reliable

One of the reasons Allison has an unmatched reputation is its reliability and availability in the market. The Allison parts have been designed with a longer life span compared to competitor brands. Perhaps this could be the reason why operating the Allison automated vehicles is inexpensive.

If you want to have your work done effectively and reliably, you wouldn’t think twice about Allison torque converters. The automated horsepower gets to the wheels effectively throughout the duty cycle process. By this, you are bound to experience maximum productivity while making the operation cost less costly.

Besides, maintaining and operating these engines can be done at a low cost. Mainly, the dry clutch provision has been replaced with Allison torque converters, reducing maintenance costs. With this advantage, you can rely on Allison for your engine provisions.

It is economical

Fuel consumption is a significant concern when shopping for a vehicle engine. Fortunately, Allison’s automated engine provisions enable you to cover a considerable distance with low fuel consumption. Notably, you can experience an exceptional experience when operating your engine on the best duty-cycle speeds.

The power shift feature provides smooth and seamless operations. The automated features, such as Allison’s continuous power technology, also make the engine operate seamlessly. Besides, the assembling of Allison parts is designed to integrate between manual and automatic operations.

Furthermore, it is not a must that clients get regular maintenance services for their engines. Allison’s prognostics feature provisions help monitor the filter life, oil life, and establish the transmission health. With this, you can spend time on being productive instead of regular checks, hence, cost-effective.

Significant performance and productivity

The design of Allison torque converter ensures that clients experience exceptional performance. The full power shifts aids performance, allowing clients to cover a long distance in a little time. With a unique performance, productivity is an efficient assurance.

Because of the full power shifts, the natural gas engine slows the time required in operating a torque engine, implying that you must operate the engine at a higher speed. As a result, an operator is likely to experience high performance.

Exceptional starting experience

The Allison torque converter helps start the engine. This advantage has been aided by the presence of continuous power technology that enables automatic operations. The impressive feature of this provision is that you can operate your engine effortlessly.

Excellent braking system

Unlike natural gas engines, Allison’s braking system is impressive. The retarder provision on Allison’s engines aids the performance of the brakes. By this provision, you experience safety precisely because of the ease of maneuvering the engine.

The torque converter technology

The latest Allison’s designs incorporate the torque converter technology. This technology aids the engine’s efficiency and reliability during operations. Its sophistication and design you can get unmatched and impressive service.

Exceptionally, this innovation aids performance, reliability, effectiveness, and effectiveness. By this, the engine downsizing option is enhanced, giving you an impressive experience. With these remarkable features, you will want to try Allison Transmission.

Impressively, the Allison manufacturer company is a viable alternative when contemplating innovative and automatic engine operations. Consequently, clients get reliable, exceptional, and seamless services. Besides, cost-effectiveness, excellent performance, and client-safety features are assured, making the Allison brand an automatic choice.

Where can you find Allison torque parts?

If you are contemplating where to find these parts, look no further! K&L Clutch is proud to provide Allison Transmission torque converters, parts, and repair service. We offer both new and re-manufactured mechanical parts and clutching systems.

Whether you are looking for a replacement, additional components, or repair, K&L Clutch is here! 

How To Test A Torque Converter

Nov 11, 19 • Maintenance, Torque ConvertersComments Off on How To Test A Torque Converter

The heavy duty machines that are used for industrial or construction purposes need proper maintenance and repair. Industrial torque converter problems can come from a number of things. 

List of common industrial torque converter problems: 

– Not Properly Installed

– May start to Overheat

– Blades could start to deform

Reasons why these problems exist & how to test a torque converter for these common issues:

  1. Torque Converter Installation Problems: It is always better to have a new torque converter professionally cleaned after any kind of new cooler lines or radiator installation. This is very important because you want to ensure that any contamination has been wiped cleaned and completely out of the system. You don’t want any failure from the old debris to be ingested because this can cause you to have to pay more money and it can be expensive.
  2. Overheating: Overheating is very common for industrial machinery since it’s caused when the machines are used constantly. There are several factors that can contribute to overheating that you will want to test and confirm. For example, unexpectedly low fluid pressure or even the air pressure levels in the system can correlate with overheating. The pump can and will fail due to clogged filters, over-worn suction lines could begin to crack, or there could be an issue with the charging pump. Improper fluid circulation, damaged seals, or broken gaskets can all be related to the torque converter overheating so testing for those issues can help you prevent and solve overheating issues.
  3. Damaged Blades: Torque converter blades can break into small pieces if too much heat is exposed to them. This can be expensive to repair, however it’s always better to catch a problem before it gets worse. Otherwise, a problem that could start off by just needing a repair could turn into a problem that needs a full rebuild, for example, if the problem is allowed to continue over time and the turbine blades start pulling away from the hubs.

Properly testing and maintaining your machine’s torque converter is crucial to ensure proper long-term maintenance. If you need help, replacement parts, or repair services, give our experts at K&L Clutch a call today!

What is Basic Maintenance for Heavy Machinery?

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Qualities to Look for in a Heavy Machine Repair Company?

A quality heavy machine repair company has certain assets you need to look for before hiring them to do your repairs. The first thing is a company such as K & L Clutch who is seasoned, meaning it is highly experienced and has been repairing heavy machinery for several many years.

A quality heavy machine repair company offer services not just across the United States but globally. The parts used must be of high quality and brands that are known and trusted by all corporations.

Heavy Machinery

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What is a Torque Converter and How Does It Work?

Apr 10, 19 • News, Torque Converters, Torque FluidComments Off on What is a Torque Converter and How Does It Work?

It is worth noting that not long ago, in 1902, the year, the design for the automatic transmission torque converter appeared. Nearly nothing has changed during this time, all the basics and features are included in modern models.

Initially, these converters were installed exclusively on buses. Only a few decades later, manufacturers started to include it in passenger vehicles. And this is not surprising because the part allows you to convert and transfer the moment from the engine to the installed automatic transmission very well. The driver can also change the torque and speed. Initially, this innovation began to be installed on the Ford car. Popularity has increased significantly after a few years.

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Torque Converter Problems and Fixes in Heavy Machinery (Updated)

Mar 11, 18 • Torque Converters1 Comment

Torque Converter Problems | Detecting and Fixing Broken Torque ConvertersKnowing the symptoms of a failing torque converter can make diagnosing problems with a machine much easier.

Despite the excellent capabilities and reliability of the torque converters we provide, problems do arise from time to time—especially considering the extraordinary torque converter performance your extraordinary projects require. Here’s a guide of the most common issues that could arise with your heavy machinery torque converter, as well as a list of signs and symptoms to look out for.

3 common torque converter problems:

1. No Power from the Converter

You know the feeling—you ask for power and get very little of it. A problematic torque converter can play a big part in this because it plays a vital role in converting horsepower to torque. To get proper power from the torque converter, you need to allow enough time for converter pressure to form. If it doesn’t, you won’t get the power you need.

When the torque converter fails, it can cause the transmission to receive too much or too little fluid, which in turn causes the transmission gears to slip. This will result in a loss of power for the machine. If you notice the machine doesn’t have the amount of power it should have, it could be the torque converter. In cars, a sign of this would be a loss of fuel economy. Also, be sure to rule out low or dirty fluid. It may be the system just needs a fluid replacement.

2. Surging and Lagging

Surging is the flip side of the power-loss coin. If your machine “surges” or “lags” during operation—in other words, if it can’t seem to maintain a constant speed, power, or lift—it might be a torque converter problem due to erratic converter fluid pressure or flow.

A failing torque converter with high fluid pressure can cause more power to be transmitted than normal from time to time. This will cause the machine’s power to “surge” unpredictably. It may be a rare incident, or the engine might seem to be speeding up and slowing down in a cycle. The torque converter may be the culprit if the engine is functioning normally.

3. Power Loss due to Clutch Slippage

You’ll notice this when, especially after heavy acceleration, the clutch tends to slip.  It will feel just like the converter is losing power while all along, the engine is making power, but the master clutch assembly is not transferring power to the torque converter.

A simple clutch adjustment and you can be up and running in no time.  If this condition goes untreated for too long, excessive damage will occur to your master clutch assembly requiring removal and replacement.  The key to saving money is maintaining your equipment and fixing problems quickly before they grow into bigger problems.

Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

Diagnosing torque converter problems can be tricky because the symptoms often look like a problem with the transmission, but that’s not always the case.

Let’s take a look at a few symptoms that you can spot to detect when something has gone wrong. After all, spot the torque converter problems early on, and they’ll be much easier (and cheaper) to fix.

Symptom 1: Shuddering

A mechanical failure in a torque converter can cause serious shuddering. In a car, the shuddering can be severe enough that it feels like driving on a gravel road. The shuddering is caused by a misalignment inside the converter, and it can be intermittent. If you notice shuddering when a machine is operating, have the torque converter and transmission checked out immediately, as it can be a sign of an imminent failure.

Symptom 2: Strange Noises

Clicking, grinding, or revving noises coming from the torque converter are a sign of a mechanical problem. Have it serviced immediately.

Symptom 3: Contaminated Transmission Fluid

If the torque converters’ moving parts come into contact and grind against each other, the result will be contamination of the transmission fluid. Chances are, this problem will lead to other symptoms like noises and shuddering, but it may be subtle enough that it’s not detected until the fluid is checked.

Symptom 4: Overheating

A transmission that’s overheating can be caused by a failing torque converter. If the converter’s seals have gone bad, the fluid used to transmit power from the engine to the transmission could be leaking. A drop in fluid pressure will cause the transmission to overheat. Of course, the leak could be somewhere else, so check for a fluid leak before replacing the torque converter.

Symptom 5: Slow engagement

With a ruined torque converter, the transmission will take longer than usual to engage the engine. This slow engagement results in higher stall speeds. Check you engine’s stall speed specifications, then perform a stall speed test based on the specifications listed, in order to diagnose for any torque converter issues.

How to fix your torque converter problems

Using machinery with a bad torque converter is extremely dangerous, and doing so exacerbates the symptoms listed above. Once you have identified that the torque converter is the problem, you will need to get it replaced by professionals. This particular piece of the machinery is delicate and complicated. Therefore, it should not be fixed by the average person. Otherwise, more damage to the equipment could occur.

Take a second from time to time to inspect the torque converter for visible problems like fluid levels, pressures and clutch adjustment to catch potential problems before they exist, but know that we’re here for you when more serious problems arise.

At K&L Clutch, we provide only top-of-the-line torque converters from brands like Twin Disc, Allison, Clark, American, Link Belt, and Manitowoc. But when problems do arise, our unparalleled service department can get you back up in running again in no time — whether from our home in Hurst, Texas, or just about anywhere in the world you need us to be. It may be time for torque converter repair. If so, we are your go-to!

If you are in need of a replacement torque converter, we have a large selection for you to choose from that is ready to be immediately dispatched at an affordable rate. If you are currently experiencing torque converter problems, we offer a rapid turnaround on the necessary replacement parts for your equipment.

Contact us today and let us find out how we can serve you!

Drilling Rig Parts and Repairs

Jan 29, 18 • Air Clutches, Air Compressors, Clutches, Industrial Mechanical Parts, Industrial Product Service, News, Torque Converters, TransmissionComments Off on Drilling Rig Parts and Repairs

drilling rig parts repairs by KL Clutch

Drilling rigs provide an invaluable service for companies that need to dig deep, with the convergence of drilling rig components and parts working together to do their job.

However, the reality of this situation is that the rigorous work being performed will likely hasten the onset of drilling rig repairs at some point.
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SINGLE STAGE Torque Converter SALE!

Feb 12, 16 • News, Torque ConvertersComments Off on SINGLE STAGE Torque Converter SALE!

6CO-1504-1 6CO-1512-1

For a limited time we are offering a special price on remanufactured Twin Disc 6-CO Torque Converters.

6-CO-1504-1 MS: 280 or MS: 400

The Exchange Price has temporarily been dropped to $6900
The Exchange Core Charge has been reduced for a short time to $6900

6-CO-1512-1 MS: 280 or MS: 400

The Exchange Price has for the time being been dropped to $6900
The Exchange Core Charge has briefly been reduced to $6900

For either 6CO-1504-1 or 6CO-1512-1 with a specific torque of 280 or 400
The OUTRIGHT Price for the moment is $14,500

6CO1504 [28862]

Save on remanufactured Torque Converters for heavy machinery!

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Save money with a refurbished or remanufactured torque converter with the same great warranty!!

Remanufactured Torque Converters Save you money!!

At K&L Clutch and Transmission, we know that equipment breakdowns mean lost profits. When critical failure occurs, you need a well-stocked partner equipped to respond as soon as possible. Whether it’s rebuilt transmissions, a brand new torque converter or any unforeseeable industrial solution you need, we can provide it.
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When speed is key – Quick Torque Converter Repairs and Replacement

Jun 6, 14 • Industrial Product Service, News, Torque ConvertersComments Off on When speed is key – Quick Torque Converter Repairs and Replacement

Downtime – Public enemy #1!

Rapid turnaround for torque converter repair - KLClutch

Downtime is a problem. No matter what industry you work in, time waiting on a machine to be repaired or replaced is time when your company may not be running at full efficiency. In many industries, particularly industries that rely on massive, expensive machinery, this type of downtime can cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. For some of our clients in the oil industry, downtime expenses can reach in excess of $900/hour!! Many of our customers would be financially crushed by these costs if not for our quick torque converter repairs and replacement services. K&L Clutch is very aware of this fact, and for that reason we make it our top priority to offer a wide selection of parts that we keep in stock at all times, and this is one of the secrets to our rapid turnaround on repair requests or replacement parts. Read Full Article →

An American Oil Boom Challenges the Future

Jan 31, 14 • Industrial Product Service, News, Torque Converters, World NewsComments Off on An American Oil Boom Challenges the Future

U.S. Oil Boom reshapes markets around the world.

The American oil boom has put European refineries out of business, while undercutting West Africa crude suppliers. As well, domestic drilling is challenging producers in the Middle East and South America.

Over the past five years, the U.S. went from depending on fuel from Europe to being an exporter to the region. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Nigeria ships fewer than three supertankers of crude each month, where in the recent past it numbered closer to a dozen. The West Coast will soon cut back on imports of oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, replacing it with cheaper oil from the Rocky Mountains where output has grown by 31 percent since 2011.

With North American exports of gasoline and other refined products hitting a record last month, the U.S. is on pace to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2015. Drilling in the Permian Basin in West Texas and the oil-rich Bakken shale, which stretches from North Dakota into Montana and Canada, has led the boom. Texas, pumping more than Iran, has more than doubled its crude output since 2011, along with North Dakota.

Warning: Industrial challenges ahead

American Oil Boom

Growing North American production will help the United States begin to meet its own energy demands, leading it to cut back on imports that will instead flow to emerging markets. This will inevitably lead to the shifting of the economic and political realities of the World as a whole.

K & L Clutch and Transmission stands to assist in the industrial challenges that are equally inevitable, as new technologies and proven technologies are applied together to meet the challenges that present themselves, both domestically and abroad.


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