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Top 5 Benefits of Industrial Air Clutches

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Benefits of Industrial air clutches

Twin Disc Clutch

An industrial air clutch is a plate connected to a drive shaft of power machinery, and when engaged, it uses compressed air to slow down or stop the engine by disengaging it from what is driven. The industrial air clutch uses air instead of hydraulics or centrifugal forces to stop heavy machines.

There are several industrial air clutch designs in the market, but the most effective one in an industrial setting is the pneumatic air clutch. The pneumatic air clutch is a powerful industrial tool and has a wide range of machines that work perfectly. These clutches provide a simple torque adjustment and control function, making it suitable for stopping heavy machinery with minimal effort and friction.

Industrial clutch manufacturers know that heavy operating machinery and stopping them generate a lot of friction and heat, so they designed the air clutch to use water as a cooling agent. Water is used to cool off the braking components rapidly. Water-cooled breaks use either a closed jacket loop or an open flow system where water is continuously pumped over the brake clutches to cool it down as operations take place.

If you are looking to get an industrial air clutch that uses water as a coolant medium for your cold company’s cold storage needs, here are some of the benefits why you should get a pneumatic air clutch.

Faster response time

The pneumatic brake offers better energy transmission from the clutch pad to the shaft, hence better energy distribution and stoppage time. When applied, it disengages the plate from the transmission using air pressure to pull it back from the transmission, thus stopping the machine. When the pneumatic clutches are released, the air is released, and the clutch plate reengages with the transmission. Then the machine starts to move again.

Effective heat release

Industrial clutch manufacturers designed the pneumatic clutch to have the best heat dissipation mechanism. It releases heat in two ways; continuous slip and torque stability. Continuous slip is when the disk plate continuously disengages with the transmission units, releasing the heat built up during rotation and friction. And torque stability, where pneumatics offer better torque limiters hence proving more power, makes for better response time.

Air clutches are safe

Industrial air clutches are one of the safest brake clutches in the market; this is because they do not have anything electrical in their systems, reducing the chances of generating a spark that can cause a fire or injury to the operator. Water cooling also acts as an insulator for the parts and reduces wear and tear during operations.

They are fast

Air brakes are about 20% faster than electromagnetic brakes and clutches because they have a better torque, making them more powerful and efficient. The smooth operations of the air clutch help to speed up the stopping and re-engagement operation. They are also easier to use than other clutch and brake systems.

They are durable

These industrial air clutches have one of the most effective designs. They are easy to perform routine maintenance activities, have a great heat release mechanism, and are made of a thick disk that is resistant to wear and tear. These machines are easy to install and an excellent replacement for the old friction plates in old heavy-duty machines.

If you are looking for an upgrade for your company’s machine braking system, or need a new system for a new machine, then a pneumatic air clutch from K&L Clutch is the solution. They will offer the best service for the longest time and are easy to install and operate. Industrial air clutches with water cooling functions are the safest and most efficient heat removers; thus, you will never have to worry about sparks or overheating.

For more helpful information regarding industrial clutches, please contact our team at K&L Clutch today!

How Water Cooled Brakes Work

Jul 19, 18 • Brakes1 Comment

How Water Cooled Brakes Work

Traditional disk brakes usually experience very high temperatures which can have severely detrimental effects on their performance. To lower these temperatures, the use of fluids such as water is imperative to eliminate much of this friction-generated heat.

What are Water-Cooled Brake Systems?

A water-cooled brake disc consists of central and stationary aluminum cooling plate that has an internal chamber which circulates the water coolant. It also has a series of cast iron sectors which are mounted on opposite sides of the disc plate. This is to allow for contact from the friction material carried by discs on the shaft to be slowed down. The cooling plate and iron cast sectors are usually divided by thermally insulative layers such as thin air gaps.

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Difference Between Wet Brakes vs. Dry Brakes

Oct 18, 17 • Brakes, Industrial Mechanical PartsComments Off on Difference Between Wet Brakes vs. Dry Brakes

wet brakes aka oil cooling brakes


From a physics perspective, brakes on automobiles are built to convert kinetic energy (your moving vehicle) into heat energy (friction). In a car for example, the car then stops because of the energy conversion.

When it comes to heavy machinery, power is needed to effectively keep it from moving. You cannot just use any product because there are times when heavy vehicles will meet extreme weather and conditions.

Therefore, you need to research on what kind of tool to use to get that extra punch in the vehicle’s stopping power.
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WPT POWER Sales Awards

Apr 14, 16 • Air Clutches, Brakes, Clutches, Local News, NewsComments Off on WPT POWER Sales Awards

WPT POWER Sales Awards

2015 was a great year for us.

We achieved some outstanding accomplishments; namely, winning a handful of awards:

  • The Distributor with the Largest Increase in Sales!
  • Top 5 in Mechanical PTO Sales
  • Top 5 in Overall Sales
  • Top 5 in Assembly Sales

If anyone is looking for WPT Power products, you now know who to call for the best!

K & L Becomes the “Full Line Distributor” for WPT in North Texas Area

Feb 1, 13 • Brakes, Clutches, Industrial Mechanical Parts, New Inventory Arrivals, Power Take OffsComments Off on K & L Becomes the “Full Line Distributor” for WPT in North Texas Area

To complement our WPT Mechanical line of power products, K & L Clutch is pleased to announce their appointment as the “Full Line Distributor” in North Texas for WPT Power Products. Effective 2/1/13 we will handle the complete line of outstanding products that WPT offers. This includes Type 1 andWPT mecanical power take off image Type 2 Pneumatic and Hydraulic PTOs, Power Grip and PO Clutches, Water Cooled Brakes, Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes, Pump drives, and Caliper Brakes. With this appointment, K & L Clutch becomes the only certified service center for WPT Power Products in the North Central Texas area. If your unit is in need of repair, we can do it.

We are ready to service you now. Please call any of our experienced sales associates and ask more about the “Full Line” of WPT products we can serve you with.

Contact us for more information. We’ll get your project back up and running in no time.

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