Top 3 Industrial Applications of Marine Clutches

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Top 3 Industrial Applications of Marine Clutches

Oct 8, 20 • Clutches, Marine, NewsComments Off on Top 3 Industrial Applications of Marine Clutches

Marine Clutches

Have you ever asked yourself how marine crafts survive long cruises across oceans and seas? The marine environment is hazardous. All processes to go through smoothly, ensure that safety goes first by having quality clutches from one of the best manufacturing companies installed in your marine vessels and anchor spots. Because marine watercraft sail long distances, excellent performing industrial clutches should be used to prevent accidents or miss-functions.

Additionally, were committed to maintaining innovativeness to supply advanced industrial clutches to the market. The marine setting should be armed with the best and highly functioning clutches to provide complete services and safety during operations. It is essential to have some expert personnel check the clutches frequently to avoid any delays and losses. These clutches are manufactured to meet requirements for industrial marine applications.

Looking Into Industrial Marine Applications

1. Dredge Pumps

Highly advanced dredge pumps are essential to a complete marine environment. The pumps are delivered in various materials and are responsible for pumping low reliable content excess water. They also have impellers that manage applications that run drives directly. Furthermore, thanks to their sizable suction, these pumps excavate sand, crushed ore, and gravel from the ground. As one of the most critical marine clutches, dredge pumps have mounted structures like ladders that ease the mining operations and have strong walls to extend their life service.

2. Fire Pumps

As one of the most important marine clutches, this pump comes in handy as a defensive measure against fire accidents. Imagine working in an area with no preparedness for fires. An accident can always happen, and you never know where it finds you. These fire pumps play an essential role in this environment by taking care of such occurrences. The pumps are capable of putting off large fires to save lives and property. As an industrial company, your priority is to ensure the use of quality fire pumps that will maintain an excellent performance during firefighting moments. That’s why we make our pumps with leading materials that will sustain severe pressure during the process.

3. Propeller Shafts

Propeller shafts transmit power by converting rotational motion into thrust. Without propeller shafts, water vessels won’t be able to sail back or forward. To make this product ideal for its function, we use copper alloy to make it resistant to rusting. Our manufacturers develop a propeller shaft with excellent properties that enhance high speed. Also, as one of the critical parts of a watercraft, we ensure that shafts are manufactured with high power applications for smaller shafts whose diameters can go underwater on a small amount of power.


With so many manufacturing companies rising to ensure that the marine environment’s needs are taken care of, the industry is expected to grow to a greater level in the future courtesy of some of the industrial marine applications that have been outlined in this article. As long as companies like K&L Clutch produce the most innovative products to the market, you can be confident that your industrial business will flow smoothly, leading to high production rates, high income, and safety.


Apr 2, 19 • NewsComments Off on BLOWOUT SALE

“Blow-out Sale ” for these PTO assys

APRIL 2, 2019


Item List
Item Number Description Vendor No TotalQtyOnHand StdPrice
REM23721 SL111 1 1,432.08
REM32370 SL111P303 ORG/BRZ 1 3,361.00
REM33029 SL111P301 2 3,361.00
REM35092 SP214C003 ORG/BRZ 1 1,206.92
REM35104 SP314P101 ORG/BRZ/307 1 4,797.00
REM35105 SP314C001 ORG/BRZ 2 1,522.50
REM35126 SP211P201 2 2,151.78
REM35131 SP114P101 – F8 K&L 1 2,424.75
REM35679 SP211P301 1 2,127.81
REM4-10815 1-14  CLUTCH ASSY 1 1,205.03
REM4-10838 2-14  CLUTCH ASSY 1 1,633.29
REM4-10945 2-11 CLUTCH ASSY ORG 1 966.65
REM4-11054 111#1 BOTH DET PTO ORG/NA 2 2,034.00
REM4-14691 1-14  CLUTCH ASSY 1 1,544.31
REM4-18592 218#1/2 I/L PTO ORG 2 11,404.00
REM4-19062 211#2 I/L PTO ORG/306 1 2,774.00
REM4-23406 214#1 I/L DET PTO ORG 1 3,853.00
REM4-30835 108#3 BOTH PTO ORG 1 2,532.00
REM4-32811 214#1 I/L BROS PTO MET/BRZ 1 5,819.00
REM4-37327AM PTO ASSY HE2-11 BB COLLAR 1 2,294.00
REM4-37405 1-08  CLUTCH ASSY 1 570
REMSP211P312 SP211P312 ORG/BRZ/306 – F8 1 2,170.00
REMSP214P139 P T O ASSY-F8 1 4,500.00

How Do Pneumatic Clutches Work? [updated]

Jun 13, 18 • Air Clutches, Clutches2 Comments

pneumatic clutchGrab. Spin. Decouple. Repeat.

At one level, clutches really are that simple. But pneumatic clutches are just one example of what a few innovative twists can do to complicate (and improve) the process.

So let’s start with the basics:
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We have IBF’s here in stock for immediate delivery:

Feb 19, 18 • NewsComments Off on We have IBF’s here in stock for immediate delivery:


IB214P101 Twin Disc Power Take-Off

Includes Oil bath main bearing, Metallic drive plates, Bronze collar and Sealed pilot bearing (309 or 100mm)


IB314P120 Twin Disc Power Take-Off

Organic drive plates, Bronze collar and Sealed Ball Pilot bearing (309 or 100mm)


IB318P005 IBF Twin Disc Power Take-Off CUMMINS #3065048

Organic drive plates, Bronze collar and Sealed Ball Pilot bearing (311 or 120mm)


IB318P009 IBF318IL0 Twin Disc Power Take-Off

Organic drive plates, Bronze collar and Sealed Ball Pilot bearing (311 or 120mm)

Grease Main Bearing for Inline Applications


IB321P902 PTO Remanufactured Twin Disc Clutch

Re-manufactured Twin Disc Power Take-Off

Organic Friction Plates, Bronze Collar

Caterpillar P/N 2W4920


Jun 21, 17 • NewsComments Off on ROCKFORD POWERTRAIN 4-11298



Surplus! Call for special $600 pricing while supplies last!Rockford Power Take Off Clutch

This Industrial PTO is a single plate SAE 7.5” HE clutch, with a SAE #5 bell housing.

The internal clutch pack assembly number is 4-15823.

This Rockford Powertrain Original model has a bronze release collar & sleeve assembly.The clutch body measures 7.5″ in diameter. The organic gear tooth facing (friction plate) has 47 teeth, 8.08″OD, 4.5” ID and 0.438” thick. It also is segmented into 3 pieces for easy replacement in the field.
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WPT POWER Sales Awards

Apr 14, 16 • Air Clutches, Brakes, Clutches, Local News, NewsComments Off on WPT POWER Sales Awards

WPT POWER Sales Awards

2015 was a great year for us.

We achieved some outstanding accomplishments; namely, winning a handful of awards:

  • The Distributor with the Largest Increase in Sales!
  • Top 5 in Mechanical PTO Sales
  • Top 5 in Overall Sales
  • Top 5 in Assembly Sales

If anyone is looking for WPT Power products, you now know who to call for the best!

SINGLE STAGE Torque Converter SALE!

Feb 12, 16 • News, Torque ConvertersComments Off on SINGLE STAGE Torque Converter SALE!

6CO-1504-1 6CO-1512-1

For a limited time we are offering a special price on remanufactured Twin Disc 6-CO Torque Converters.

6-CO-1504-1 MS: 280 or MS: 400

The Exchange Price has temporarily been dropped to $6900
The Exchange Core Charge has been reduced for a short time to $6900

6-CO-1512-1 MS: 280 or MS: 400

The Exchange Price has for the time being been dropped to $6900
The Exchange Core Charge has briefly been reduced to $6900

For either 6CO-1504-1 or 6CO-1512-1 with a specific torque of 280 or 400
The OUTRIGHT Price for the moment is $14,500

6CO1504 [28862]

K&L Clutch Torque Converter Exchange Program

Oct 21, 15 • NewsComments Off on K&L Clutch Torque Converter Exchange Program

K&L CO10066TC1 Blue [567802]K&L Clutch is now actively seeking Allison and Twin Disc torque converters to purchase for our exchange program. We are looking for TCOA 377, TCDO 400 series, TCDOA 400 series, TCDO 500 series, TCDOA 500 series and CO-10066-TC1 torque converters.
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Big Tex

Oct 1, 15 • NewsComments Off on Big Tex

2015bigtex-660x330This is the 2nd anniversary of the new BIG TEX 2.0 at the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas.
Big Tex was originally built as the largest Santa Claus in the world in 1949. Howell Brister’s idea for a 50 foot Santa was used as an attraction to increase the economy.
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Newest Rudomatic Distributor!

Aug 25, 15 • Cranes, New Inventory Arrivals, NewsComments Off on Newest Rudomatic Distributor!


We are proud to anRUDEnounce we are a full-line distributor for Rudomatic taglines, hose reels, magnet reels and combination reels.

As a Rud-O-Matic Tagline distributor we will be stocking certain key and often required parts: Cables, Right and Left Hand Springs, Shafts for Multiple Barrel Taglines, Oil Seals, Gaskets, Bearings, Brass Bushings and Shear Pins.

Please contact us and we will help you with your tagline application needs.


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