K&L Clutch Torque Converter Exchange Program

Oct 21, 15 • NewsComments Off on K&L Clutch Torque Converter Exchange Program

K&L CO10066TC1 Blue [567802]K&L Clutch is now actively seeking Allison and Twin Disc torque converters to purchase for our exchange program. We are looking for TCOA 377, TCDO 400 series, TCDOA 400 series, TCDO 500 series, TCDOA 500 series and CO-10066-TC1 torque converters.

Examples of converters for sale in our exchange program would be:

17.5 HUC

6-CO -1309, 6-CO -1512, 6-CO -1504, 6-S-1513

CF-10032-TC1, CF-10059-TC1, CF-11538-TC0

CO-10049-TC-1, CO-10058-TC-1, CO-10066-TC-1

CO-11565-TC-0, CF-11571-TC0

F10017TC1, F11524TC1-SD, F-11524-TC0-RBD, F11561TC0 RBD

Manitowoc 4600:

CF-10033-TC1, CF-11570-TC1

Manitowoc Vicon Control Converters:

IF10027TCSS, IF-10027-TC-LS, IF-10027-TC-TAG, IF-11532-TC, FIF-11535, CIF-11570-TC-0 and IF11576TC

Allison TC Converters:

TCOA 377, TCDO 475, TCDOA 435, TCDO 545, TCDOA 565, TCDOA 585, TCA 845, TCD 845, TC 955 and TCA 955

Clark Torcon Converters:

43-16.1 AKOCPG, 52-16.1 AKOCPG, 16.1 AKOCBG, C272.5, C273 and 18-17 CK

Feel free to ask us about any similar models. We can modify converters to meet your specification.

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