What is the Difference Between a Condenser and a Heat Exchanger

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Water-cooled brakes also know as WCB is when the brakes are air actuated and then it is cooled by a constant flow of water from a cooling system with an open or closed loop cooling system. The air tube design does not require any kind of special coating or treatments and it is corrosion resistant as well.

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Water-cooled brakes come with either of the two actuation methods:

1)air tube actuated -The air tube is corrosion resistant and no special coatings or treatments are required.

2)piston actuated -The Retrofit kits are the process of upgrading equipment or existing parts and making them new such as allowing an existing single or dual piston actuated WCB to an air actuation without any modifications needed.

When you are looking for Water cooled brakes they can be found in a variety of industries and applications. One of the main reasons and advantages to having Water cool brakes is you will have denser torque packages and the overall life last a lot longer than the air-cooled brakes.

Understanding the Difference
The difference between a condenser and a heat exchanger is the condenser’s main goal is when the gas or vapors then transfer to a liquid state and then its job is to exchange heat from a temperature that is high to a lower temperature. When using a heat- exchanger it can be used to change the temperature of:

Two gases

  • Two gases

Two liquids

  • Two liquids

A Solid and a gas

  • A Solid and a gas

A liquid and a gas

  • A liquid and a gas

A Solid and a liquid

  • A Solid and a liquid

When you are using a heat-exchanger the exchange rarely takes place between two solids but there are very few times that this is done. A lot of times people question if it can be used as a heat-exchanger and the answer to that is yes it can. They can be used as a condenser by not only heating up or cooling down things, the heat exchanger can be used to condense it to a liquid or to a gas or vapor.

The way a heat exchanger works is when the water pumps throughout the pipes it will then heat up because it is absorbing the energy from the heat. This device allows the heat that comes in the form of a gas or a liquid which then will pass it on to another gas or another liquid ensuring that the two fluids do not mix together and ensuring neither of the two come into direct contact with one another.

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The best applications to use for breaking and tension are the water cool brakes. There are a lot of companies who deal in water-cooled brakes. These brakes are not only made for a constant slip but it is also made for severe high-heat braking applications as well. When you find that on your vehicle your brakes are failing a lot of times it is because the brake fluid is boiling hot, this causes friction which is coming from the rotors rubbing together and when the air that is in the hydraulic brake system is not bled properly it causes the bubbles from the fluid to create less pressure and to stop it from overheating you are going to want to water cool the rotors because this will cut the heating down a lot.

Using Cold Storage and the Businesses Who Need It
When using cold storage the temperature is the most important factor so when transporting these goods it is important that the temperature is controlled and maintained at a steady temperature. This also ensures that the growth of bacteria does not pose a problem and it will not so long as the temperature is steadily and accurately maintained. This is a very crucial part of cold storage. So this means that the products are being stored in a refrigerated courier and the temperature is kept exactly the same for the whole duration of the trip, never changing. These cold storage services will process your goods as well as package and deliver these products to just about anywhere so long as it is in its refrigerated courier. These cold storages are used a lot to store perishable food items like fruits and vegetables and fresh meat also.

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A lot of these companies will not be able to function without the use of cold storages. These storage systems are crucial to a lot of businesses today because the majority of these companies require the use of an environment whose temperature is precisely controlled.

1) Grocery Stores – they are in the business of keeping food fresh for consumption for as long as needed and refrigeration will be found throughout a grocery stores facility because of the fresh produce, fresh meats and vegetables they provide for sale on a daily basis so cold storage is a must in the grocery business.

2) Restaurants – the kitchen area is where you would find their cold storage space used to store their fresh meats and produce.

3) Hospitals – the same applies to clinics, these places need to keep certain medicines in cool dry places and aids in preserving blood for later use as well as patients staying in the hospital, this is why you will find hospitals generally cold because this keeps patients safe from contamination and kills germs in the air.

4) Science laboratories and research centers – when these scientists and researches are studying certain things temperature control is imperative to the success or failure of the research.

5) Food processing or food manufacturing– in this type of business it is important to stay on top of the temperature and make sure temperature is kept as low as possible because they handle a lot of perishable items and they have to always stay on top of any contaminants and any health hazards throughout their manufacturing process.

There are others to name and can be found on the website listed below. Cold storage as you can see has its place in the consumer business and is deemed a very important and necessary part of everyday business.

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