America’s Energy Boom, By the Numbers

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There are no ifs, ands or buts about it — the United States is undergoing an enormous energy boom.

Energy Companies Take Advantage of America's Energy Boom with K&L

Let’s take a look at the stats of America’s energy boom:

— For 17 consecutive weeks, the amount of available natural gas storage has declined.

— 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are expected to be produced by Midwestern states.

— 420,000 barrels of oil are expected to be produced each day by southern Texas’ Eagle Ford formation.

— 111,000 jobs are expected to be created by shale gas production in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale formation.

— 200,000 jobs are expected to be created by shale gas drilling in Ohio.

— 7 years since the U.S. produced as much oil as it did in 2010.

— $24 billion was invested in energy by private equity firms in 2011.

— $6 billion was invested in energy by foreign firms in 2011.

As we mentioned last month, the U.S. — the largest energy consumer in the world by a longshot — is on pace to become a net energy exporter in 2012. It’s a pretty amazing feat, and one that will require our nation’s energy companies to be operating at peak performance for long stretches of time.

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