International Industrial Power Supply and Repairs Made Simple

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International business can be lucrative, but the logistics of getting the parts and repairs needed to satisfy your industrial power requirements and getting them quickly is not easy when abroad. Every country has their own set of importing hurdles and cultural challenges. Companies operating abroad therefore have to rely on experienced, international-savvy suppliers to keep their projects on track and profitable.

Here at K&L Clutch, we’re proud to provide unmatched experience supplying companies across the globe, including parts and service for cranes, draglines, crushers, and oil field and stationary Units. Here’s just a handful of regions that we supply:


Fueling Russia’s resurgence on the global scene over the past decade has been its enormous energy reserves. With the emergence of major projects like the Nord Stream pipeline coming online soon, Europe’s reliance on Russian energy seems likely to increase significantly in the near future.

Middle East

No introduction necessary “” the Middle East is the world’s most infamous energy-producing region. And the bulk of work done in the region is done by western companies. The Middle East still has enormous untapped reserves, and while never-ending unrest makes investment there somewhat risky, it also creates new opportunities to build industrial infrastructures from the ground up.

South America

Our oft-overlooked neighbors to the south are poised for a major ascension on the global energy stage over the next few decades. Brazil is on the verge of an energy explosion thanks to major offshore discoveries and sustained sugarcane ethanol growth. Venezuela’s reserves and influence of the energy markets are also well-known.

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From our headquarters smack dab in the middle of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, our international industrial power supply business has boomed over the past five years. We understand their peculiarities and the unique challenges that suppliers face in energy-producing regions across the globe, and we have unmatched experience navigating the international business scene in order to get companies the industrial parts and repairs they need to thrive.

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