Featured Product for July 2014

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WPT Power Corporation

Gen II

Type 1 Mechanical

 Tested and ready for delivery!


  • High-quality spherical roller bearings allow for maximum capacity and life
  •  Drop in replacement for Twin Disc or Rockford

    RSZ Gen II WPT

  •  Straddle bearing housing holds up to 17″ (430mm) diameter sheave

  •  Bearing housing remains on shaft during belt change to eliminate bearing contamination
  •  Bellhousing designed to accept mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuated clutch
  •  No pilot bearing
  •  Male and female pilot diameters, simplify sheave housing mounting
  •  Lubrication passages are a fundamental part of the design, eliminating hoses


Please contact K & L Clutch & Transmission for all of your WPT Power equipment and product needs.

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