Featured Product Line for August 2014 – Rudomatic inc.

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 Rudomatic Inc.Originator and the world’s leading manufacturer of coil spring automatic taglines and magnet reels.


The Rud-O-Matic Tagline holds a clamshell bucket steady regardless of the boom angle while the bucket and its load is suspended in the air. Operation is completely automatic after installation. Bell Guide fairlead requires no sheaves, pins or lubrication.

The Rud-O-Matic Tagline operates on a coil spring system that maintains constant, positive tension on a clamshell bucket or other types of crane loads.  The unit mounts on a crane boom and consists essentially of a cable reel, cable wire, spring-loaded cylinders, and a bell fairlead.

The Rud-O-Matic is offered in Single Barrel Tagline, Double Barrel Tagline, Triple Barrel Tagline and Four Barrel Taglines. Additional available options are Single, Double, or Triple Combination Magnet Reel s, Four Collector Ring Magnet Reel for high volt-low amp applications and finally the Combination Hydraulic Hose Reel and Tagline.

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