INDUSTRIAL CLUTCH – Featured Product for December 2014

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Industrial Clutch is a clutch manufacturer under the Altra Industrial Motion Group. The mechanical Industrial clutches we support are used in Allison Torque Converters. These over-center clutches are used to disconnect the converter from the engine.

The models we support are:

204100 – Single 15″ clutch for TCD400 series Allison Converter

202775GM – Single 15″ clutch for TCD500 series Allison Converter

203130A – Single 18″ clutch for TCD800-900 series Allison Converter

203150B – Double 18″ clutch for TCD900 series Allison Converter


Additionally as an Industrial Clutch distributor we also support other Altra Motion Industrial Clutches and products in the industrial family. We are an authorized distributor for Warner Electric, Boston Gear, Formsprag Clutches, Marland HB and Marland Sprag Clutches.


Please contact us and we will help you with your Industrial Clutch needs.


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