NEW FOR COWBOYS 2013 SEASON ““ July 9th 2013

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Before the 2013 NFL season begins Cowboys Stadium will be starting fresh on some new turf. The NFL has approved the first half of the field. Currently they are laying out the rest of the new turf and should be ready for the Gold Cup Soccer event on the 24th. Seeing the crew work the second half marking the sections, stitching the Velcro, laying out the rubber absorber pellets, laying boards with bricks out to help the carpet lay flat was a very interesting procedure.

New Dallas Cowboys StadiumThe Texas Clutch

Football is now in the clutches of our female fans! That is right; a KDVR reporter tested pro stadium security in Denver… For the second year in a row, she and a colleague were able to sneak in a real pistol (but with a concealed weapons permit) and a fake gun at stadiums. This year they are cracking down on security risks in the NFL and have mandated a bag size be no larger than a clutch. For all you boys out there that means your satchel, “murse”(man purse), hand-bag, coach, luey viton, CK, duney and burke and blah-blah-blah can not be any bigger than 8.5 by 5.5 inches. But if you must carry more than that, you could bring your designer 1 gallon Ziploc, Glad Lock bag or Hefty bag. The NFL has an approved clear 12 by 12 by 6 inch bag that is for sale, making it the largest way to bring in your stuff. Many season tickets holders and suite owners will be receiving these. Notice, if you try to enter the Cowboys Stadium with anything other than a Cowboys or NFL bag you will not be let in… without possibly being teased about it, fans can be so competitive. On top of that,  no more camera bags, backpacks, coolers, fanny packs, binocular cases or Mary Poppins bags. Cowboys Stadium will continue to prohibit food, drinks, drugs, weapons, umbrellas, noise makers, laser pointers and opponents touchdowns from entering. Enjoy the Game!

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