New Technology Spotlight – UNIC Mini Cranes

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Typically we provide clutch and transmission services for some of the world’s largest and most powerful cranes. Our crane parts, clutches, transmissions, power take-offs, torque converters and brakes can be found doing work in a wide range of countries for a variety of jobs. But sometimes jobs on a smaller scale are still too much for us to do without some assistance. For those jobs, a large crane may be too much. For some of those jobs, a large crane may not even fit.

UNIC Cranes Europe claims to have “the world’s most compact mini cranes,” and it seems like they’re right. The company, based in England, has engineered and built some of the most impressive cranes on the market. Their cranes, which they call “spider cranes,” are small, light, durable and able to reach areas that are typically very difficult to access.

What confined, difficult to reach place could possibly need a crane? Well, UNIC has found plenty. Museums sometimes have large, heavy installations that are dangerous to install by hand – dangerous to the workers, and dangerous to the art. They’re also good for moving heavy parts for maintenance through subterranean areas like subways and sewers. They can even be used to assist in the interior remodeling of large office buildings, apartments and other structures.

UNIC’s range of 8 cranes, varying from 0.995 tons to 10 tons of lifting capacity, offers the users safety features like work limitation devices, audible alarms, on-board computers and even an intelligent voice warning system. They can fold up, fit through doors and get your work done faster, better and safer than you ever planned. These cranes are just one of many advancements in the field of crane technology.

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