Repair or Replace: When to Trade in Your Heavy Machinery

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When is it time to replace your heavy machinery?

The heavy machinery that you use on your work sites or construction jobs gets less reliable as times goes on. This reality should give you pause when you realize how old your machinery is. There are considerations you must make as you choose when to replace heavy machinery.

Consideration #1: New Technology

Your old machines do not have the same advanced technology that newer machines have. The choice you must make is between better technology and older technology. New technology makes your business easier to run. Old technology on your cranes and heavy machinery is familiar, but old technology makes work slower and less efficient.

Consideration #2: Price

The cost of maintaining an old piece of heavy machinery is much higher than the price of purchasing a new piece of equipment. When you choose to trade in your old equipment, the price you get back for that equipment cuts into the cost of the new machinery. When you lower the price of a new piece of equipment with your trade-in, your business profits because work is done more better in the future.

Consideration #3: Speed

The speed of the work you do, as mentioned above, increases when you invest in a new piece of equipment. However, you may be concerned that you or your workers are not familiar with the new machinery are buying. The speed that you can do work at in a new piece of equipment is must faster that what you are used to. A brand new heavy machine transmission works much more smoothly than an old one.

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Consideration #4: Maintenance

As you choose a new piece of machinery, you must remember that a trade-in of your old equipment changes the way you do your work. Old equipment trade-ins lower the cost of your new purchase, and the new equipment works more efficiently. Choose better equipment and lower maintenance costs over familiarity and expensive parts that you must keep in storage. Knowing when to replace heavy machinery will save your company money. We’d be happy to discuss what the best option for you might be. Why not contact us?All the money you spent on parts and maintenance is money lost when you hold on to older equipment. The parts you have in your warehouse to repair an old piece of equipment are draining your ready cash. The best thing for your business is to stop storing old parts and purchase a new piece of equipment instead. The maintenance costs on a new crane are far lower than the maintenance costs on your 20-year old machinery. A new heavy machine transmission works much better than an old one.

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