Industrial Torque Converters: The Usefulness of Torque Fluid

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industrial torque converter fluid | K&L Clutch and TransmissionWater is considered one of the most important elements in nature. The prevalence of water (it covers over 70% of the earth) and it’s fundamental role in survival results in it being one of the most studied and versatile substances in existence. Humanity has figured out many ways to utilize the potential that water has, from impressive dams and turbines producing hydroelectric power to squeezing it into small pipes and spaces to provide cooling for engines. Water isn’t the only important fluid with industrial applications – another substance that has become increasingly important and adaptable is hydraulic fluid, which is an essential element in the function of industrial torque converters.  

How Torque Fluid Works

Hydraulic fluids that are within torque converters are known as torque fluids. Torque fluids are viscous liquids. The viscosity of a fluid is its thickness. This viscosity, or thickness, creates a resistance, or friction, with anything flowing through the liquid. The greater the level of viscosity within torque fluid, the more friction will be caused when pressure is exerted, and the more effective the torque converter will become. Hydraulic fluids are used commonly within heavy-duty machinery, including construction and industrial equipment, as well as car transmissions, power steering, and aircraft components. Just as humanity has found ways of applying the versatility of water, so have we found ways to use the useful nature of torque fluid.

Torque Fluids With Torque Converters

Torque fluid is powerful in the small spaces of torque converters. Torque fluid fills the inside of a torque converter, and helps create friction when the torque converter is activated, which allows the discs to tighten up and turn together. This turning of the torque converter takes power out of the transmission and allows your vehicle or machine to idle without lurching forward from too much active power. A good torque fluid needs to have a low viscosity, because like water, it fills a small space. If it were to be too viscous, it would clog the parts of the torque converter, and cause some pretty major issues.

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Quality Torque Fluid Makes a difference for Converters

Torque fluid may seem like a minor aspect to the functionality of your machine, but it has a big impact. You can’t ignore the quality of your torque fluid. Here at K&L Clutch and Transmission, we offer the best torque fluid on the market. We also offer torque converters of the highest quality, including Twin Disc industrial torque converters, Manitowoc converters, and Clark converters. If you’d like to learn more about our torque fluid or torque converter line, or would like to chat with an industrial machinery expert, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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