When speed is key – Quick Torque Converter Repairs and Replacement

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Downtime – Public enemy #1!

Rapid turnaround for torque converter repair - KLClutch

Downtime is a problem. No matter what industry you work in, time waiting on a machine to be repaired or replaced is time when your company may not be running at full efficiency. In many industries, particularly industries that rely on massive, expensive machinery, this type of downtime can cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. For some of our clients in the oil industry, downtime expenses can reach in excess of $900/hour!! Many of our customers would be financially crushed by these costs if not for our quick torque converter repairs and replacement services. K&L Clutch is very aware of this fact, and for that reason we make it our top priority to offer a wide selection of parts that we keep in stock at all times, and this is one of the secrets to our rapid turnaround on repair requests or replacement parts.

Massive inventory of On-Hand parts

On hand parts for Torque Converter Repair or Replacement

Because of the size and bulky nature of the parts used in our industry, not many companies make the decision to keep a wide selection available at all times on hand. We’ve decided to go that route in order to offer our clients the fastest possible turnaround time. Made up of several warehouse buildings in our DFW metroplex location, we are proud to be able to offer a huge selection of parts and repairs, frequently providing same day turnaround for repairs we receive. While we can’t guarantee same-day turnaround on every order, that will have every part in stock, our massive collection of on hand parts and dedication to a rapid turnaround ensures you’ll get the most speedy torque converter repair – (PTO’s, Air clutches etc. too!) available in the industry! Call ahead to ensure we have the parts you need in stock.

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Tooling and Machining Capabilities

Torque converter replacement parts tooled or machined on site - KLClutch

Because we service many many used pieces of machinery or equipment, we frequently run into situations where parts are rare or hard to come by. To compensate for this, we have developed the capability to tool or machine our own parts, ensuring that we are able to make just about any repair. We also have vast experience working with older parts and machinery, having been in the heavy machinery clutch/transmission repair industry for decades.

Global field service department

K&L Clutch is also proud to offer field services wherever you are, globally. Obviously the majority of our clients are more local, and therefore visiting them can be done at a more affordable rate, however, we have served clients in many, many nations all over the world. Just take a look at our coverage map. Our ongoing commitment to quality and affordable parts and products make us a top choice for our services worldwide.

Call for Rapid Torque Converter repairs

If you need a quick turnaround on your torque converter repair or replacement, or need speedy service on any of the other parts we serve, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll get you back up and running ASAP!

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