Allison Torque Converter Parts and Service Manuals

Here at K&L Clutch & Transmission, we pride ourselves deeply on the unmatched level of clutch and transmission service and maintenance we provide. Our industry-leading technicians and engineers are constantly pioneering new, better ways to improve part repair and replacement turnaround time in order to better help our customers keep their projects up and running.

Between our unparalleled in-house transmission machine shop and out on-site industrial clutch field service, we’re confident that no task is too steep. Ask us anything about any of the industrial transmission and clutch parts we provide ““ or challenge us to come up with a custom solution that meets your project’s unique needs ““ and we’ll deliver. Your project’s profitability is our single-minded goal.

Furthermore, we’re also proud to consistently deliver the toughest, most reliable, most bang-for-your-back industrial transmission parts and industrial clutch parts available ““ the kind of heavy-duty industrial clutch and transmission parts that can meet the steep demands of your projects and surpass your expectations.

But it’s usually pretty handy to have as much information as possible available to you on the job site ““ and equipment manuals (including manuals for Allison torque converters) just seem to have a sneaky knack for disappearing.

So we’re happy to make it easy to get replacement equipment manuals as well, starting with Allison parts and service manuals. These include a full range of Allison torque converters, such as:

  • Allison TC-955 torque converters
  • Allison TCA-845 torque converters
  • Allison TCDO-475 single-stage torque converters
  • Allison TCDOA-565 short shaft torque converters
  • Allison TCDOA-475 short shaft torque converters
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Take a look at our complete catalog of manuals for Allison torque converter parts, or go ahead and contact us to learn more. We’ll get you what you need.

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