Quincy 350 Air Compressors: The Basics

Jan 5, 11 • Air Compressors1 Comment
Quincy 350 Air Compressors | Best Industrial Air Compressors

Quincy 350 Air Compressor

Mobile. Tough. Reliable. That’s what most of our clients need from their air compressors, and, at K&L Clutch, that’s what we’re eager to provide.

From our base in the the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we proudly provide the Quincy QRNG 350 air compressor, which features an air-cooled, two-stage, two-cylinder, pressure-lubricated compressor and a long, long history of top-of-the-line performance and lifespan.

Here’s why the Quincy 350 compressor works so well:

  • Designed exclusively with the specific needs and strengths of air compressor applications.
  • Cylinders designed and cast with horizontal cooling fins (for premium heat dissipation), and perfected with efficient, rigid tolerances.
  • Advanced lubrication system for maximum reliability.
  • Built out of heavy-duty cast iron for maximum strength, durability, and toughness.
  • Rebuildable connecting rods for customization and quick replacements and repairs.
  • Individually accessible, low-lift valves for increased efficiency and up-time.
  • Tapered roller bearings for easy adjustment and operation.
  • Spin-on oil filters for quick replacement and effective lubrication.
  • One-piece crankshaft for reduced vibration (which leads to longer bearing and pin life).
  • A marine-treated, steel-skid frame and fully-enclosed belt guard for durability.
  • Can be easily moved with a forklift or single-point lift eye for maximum mobility.
  • Designed for quick and simple maintenance, which equals less operational downtime.

Altogether, the Quincy QRNG 350 compressor boasts inlet pressure handling capabilities ranging from .75 PSIG (15 in. mercury) to 30 PSIG. It can produce a maximum of 400 PSIG discharge pressure, and it can be run at 400-900 RPM. The American-made Quincy QRNG 350 compressor is an excellent choice for many field applications, especially for use with the Manitowoc Draglines.

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  1. Dan Bierman says:

    I have a Quincy mod. 350 in excelent condition and another one on the way. Let me know if interested.