Investment Pays: Three Ways to Save With K&L Clutch Parts

Jun 7, 11 • Industrial Mechanical PartsComments Off on Investment Pays: Three Ways to Save With K&L Clutch Parts

K&L Clutch and Transmission offers customers a solid investment for their industrial projects since our products are longer lasting, our work more efficient and our quality services mean less downtime.

1. Longer Life

The longer industrial transmission and clutch components last, the more you’ll save on your project’s bottom line.

For example, our torque converters are tough, durable, and long-lasting, meaning you’ll spend less on equipment repairs and replacement parts, and more on investments that are actually profitable. But beyond their own integrity, our industrial torque converters actually extend the life of heavy equipment engines and transmissions themselves, thanks to smooth operation at optimum efficiency speed ranges, and shock protection from load and equipment damage.

Because transmissions are only as good as the sum of their parts, and if one piece of the chain is not pulling it’s weight, undue strain will be placed on other transmission parts not designed to handle it. We offer a full line of top, tough industrial torque converters, including:

An investment in high-level equipment now will reap significant savings over the long haul compared to inferior, unreliable parts.

2. More efficient work

Optimized performance matters on the job. Sure “” you could save money initially by digging a mile-long ditch with a couple of picks and shovels, but imagine how much you’d lose over the long-term when the job takes three months instead of three days.

Invest now in equipment (and parts) that make your jobs quick and more efficient. Save later by doing new jobs. At K&L Clutch, we have all the replacement parts and equipment you need for heavy industrial machinery like:

  • Cranes
  • Draglines
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Mud Pumps
  • Rock Crushers
  • Tub Grinders
  • Dredge Pump Drives
  • Stationary Power Units
  • Marine Units
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3. Better Service = Less Downtime

Time spent not working is time spent pouring money down the drain. Especially on big jobs, where an enormous investment in equipment and manpower is sitting idle while that inferior transmission part someone bought is down for the count, you just can’t afford to spend much time sitting around waiting for a fix. It’s a team effort, after all, and every piece of machinery needs to be working at max potential in order to maximize profitability.

Our service department is unmatched when it comes to getting major projects back up and running, for two reasons:

1. We’re mobile

We’ll come meet you in the field just about anywhere in the world. Our service trucks are fully loaded, and capable of responding to just about any challenge out in the field “” 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This flexibility makes it easy for you to keep operations running as long as possible, as well as ensures that repairs or replacement part installations are done correctly.

2. We’re fully stocked

At our warehouse and machine shop in North Texas, we maintain a comprehensive stock of top-quality replacement parts, so you shouldn’t need to wait for a back-ordered part to arrive to get the fix you need. But beyond clutch and transmission replacement parts, our expert machinists give us the ability to come up with customized solutions on the fly. You never know what unexpected challenges you might face in the field “” we can respond to just about any need, get your project back up and running, and help you maintain a healthy bottom line.

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