Repair Transmission and Torque Converters and Return to Productivity

Aug 1, 11 • Torque Converters, Torque Fluid, TransmissionComments Off on Repair Transmission and Torque Converters and Return to Productivity

The profit losses start mounting as soon as your transmission fails out in the field. When it happens (and it happens to just about everyone), you need transmission replacement and repair parts, and you need them fast.

In other words, you need a well-stocked partner who’s ready and waiting to help your project get moving again.

At our headquarters in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we stock an unmatched range of mission-critical torque converters, pneumatic clutches, mechanical clutches, and accessories. Our comprehensive catalog of industrial clutch repair and replacement parts includes:

  • Allison Parts “” A wide range of replacement parts from the 96-year-old  industrial clutch, transmission, and torque converter leader, including the TC400/500 Master Clutch and the TCD800 Master Clutch.
  • Clark Parts “” Replacement parts for the tough, long-lasting Clark 43-16.1 AKOCPG torque converter.
  • Manitowoc Parts “”  The Manitowoc 90513K1″”a Fairlead Sheave with tapered roller bearings for the Twin Disc Manitowoc 4600 Set torque converter.
  • Twin Disc Parts “” An unmatched range of proven, mission-critical Twin Disc replacement and repair parts, including torque converters and mechanical clutches. Altogether, we stock more than 16 models of Twin Disc transmission parts.
  • Torque Fluid “” Five-gallon buckets of Twin Disc three-stage torque fluid, the lifeblood of any high-performance industrial machine.

Furthermore, the highly-trained experts running our on-site machine shop can craft customized solutions around your company’s unique needs. So we don’t just stock solutions “” we create them. And thanks to our central location and nimble fleet of mobile repair teams, we can get you the parts you need in no time at all.

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Contact us for more information. We’ll get your project back up and running in no time.

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