Why Choose Allison Transmission Torque Converters

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K&L Clutch is proud to carry Allison Transmission products, parts, and service options. But, what makes Allison Transmission such a quality, reliable brand?

About Allison Transmission

When Mr. Allison launched the Allison brand, he may never have foreseen its future. Inevitably, evolution has spearheaded the need for vehicle engineers and manufacturers who can design automated heavy-duty transmissions. Presently, Allison transmission is a renowned manufacturer of hybrid propulsion systems for both heavy-duty and medium-duty engines, especially with the latest technology innovations.

The company has been a leading commercial trucking brand with an established reputation of more than six decades. Lately, there has been an increased demand for natural gas, necessitating reliable fleet operators. If you are looking for a brand with savvy operations, here are reasons why you should consider Allison torque converters over other manufacturer brands.

They are reliable

One of the reasons Allison has an unmatched reputation is its reliability and availability in the market. The Allison parts have been designed with a longer life span compared to competitor brands. Perhaps this could be the reason why operating the Allison automated vehicles is inexpensive.

If you want to have your work done effectively and reliably, you wouldn’t think twice about Allison torque converters. The automated horsepower gets to the wheels effectively throughout the duty cycle process. By this, you are bound to experience maximum productivity while making the operation cost less costly.

Besides, maintaining and operating these engines can be done at a low cost. Mainly, the dry clutch provision has been replaced with Allison torque converters, reducing maintenance costs. With this advantage, you can rely on Allison for your engine provisions.

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It is economical

Fuel consumption is a significant concern when shopping for a vehicle engine. Fortunately, Allison’s automated engine provisions enable you to cover a considerable distance with low fuel consumption. Notably, you can experience an exceptional experience when operating your engine on the best duty-cycle speeds.

The power shift feature provides smooth and seamless operations. The automated features, such as Allison’s continuous power technology, also make the engine operate seamlessly. Besides, the assembling of Allison parts is designed to integrate between manual and automatic operations.

Furthermore, it is not a must that clients get regular maintenance services for their engines. Allison’s prognostics feature provisions help monitor the filter life, oil life, and establish the transmission health. With this, you can spend time on being productive instead of regular checks, hence, cost-effective.

Significant performance and productivity

The design of Allison torque converter ensures that clients experience exceptional performance. The full power shifts aids performance, allowing clients to cover a long distance in a little time. With a unique performance, productivity is an efficient assurance.

Because of the full power shifts, the natural gas engine slows the time required in operating a torque engine, implying that you must operate the engine at a higher speed. As a result, an operator is likely to experience high performance.

Exceptional starting experience

The Allison torque converter helps start the engine. This advantage has been aided by the presence of continuous power technology that enables automatic operations. The impressive feature of this provision is that you can operate your engine effortlessly.

Excellent braking system

Unlike natural gas engines, Allison’s braking system is impressive. The retarder provision on Allison’s engines aids the performance of the brakes. By this provision, you experience safety precisely because of the ease of maneuvering the engine.

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The torque converter technology

The latest Allison’s designs incorporate the torque converter technology. This technology aids the engine’s efficiency and reliability during operations. Its sophistication and design you can get unmatched and impressive service.

Exceptionally, this innovation aids performance, reliability, effectiveness, and effectiveness. By this, the engine downsizing option is enhanced, giving you an impressive experience. With these remarkable features, you will want to try Allison Transmission.

Impressively, the Allison manufacturer company is a viable alternative when contemplating innovative and automatic engine operations. Consequently, clients get reliable, exceptional, and seamless services. Besides, cost-effectiveness, excellent performance, and client-safety features are assured, making the Allison brand an automatic choice.

Where can you find Allison torque parts?

If you are contemplating where to find these parts, look no further! K&L Clutch is proud to provide Allison Transmission torque converters, parts, and repair service. We offer both new and re-manufactured mechanical parts and clutching systems.

Whether you are looking for a replacement, additional components, or repair, K&L Clutch is here!

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