America as a Net Energy Exporter? We’ll Help You Be Ready

Industrial Parts and Transmission Components for Energy ExportersThe United States consumes more energy than any other country on the planet. So the U.S. Department of Energy announcement that the U.S. actually exported more fuel in 2011 than it imported was striking — and very, very welcome.

According to Bloomberg:

Shipments abroad of petroleum products exceeded imports by 439,000 barrels a day, the department said today in the Petroleum Supply Monthly report. In 2010, daily net imports averaged 269,000 barrels. U.S. refiners exported record amounts of gasoline, heating oil and diesel to meet higher global fuel demand while U.S. fuel consumption sank.

The U.S. will ship abroad 350,000 barrels a day more petroleum products that it imports in 2012 and 320,000 barrels daily in 2013, according to the department’s Short-Term Energy Outlook report released on Feb. 7.

Gasoline demand in the U.S. sank 2.9 percent to 8.736 million barrels a day last year as pump prices averaged $3.521 a gallon, the highest in records dating back to 1919.

Harry Truman was president the last time America was a net energy exporter — more than 60 years ago. So what’s behind this massive surge in energy production?

Sure, a big part of it is global demographic shifts (exploding economies in the developing world means more and more folks are driving), and part of it is broader economic conditions (the recession meant less energy usage here in the U.S.). Some is technological advancement and successful new energy exploration has made a big difference as well.

But a big part of it is the sheer force of will of our nation’s workforce and energy companies like yours.

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